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sloth ([personal profile] sloth) wrote in [personal profile] karanguni 2009-06-29 05:09 am (UTC)

This was quite seriously one of the more amazing fics that I've read so far in this fandom (and I have read a lot). The things I loved, in list form:

1) how it starts with Bones calling in a favour, because yeah, he has a stockpile of them - and, further, the description and development of Bones and Jim's friendship, how they rub off on one another, how they understand each other, the level of concern

2) the description of Jim's genius, how his brain never turns off, and the implications of this in the Academy setting (especially socially speaking)

3) Rez and his fingers, his low-key backgroundness which felt very utterly real

4) every scene that had Gaila in it being awesome, being real, being first and foremost a friend (she wasn't primarily sexual here, which is something pretty much every fic that depicts her does, which is great, yes, but I love that in this fic she's a person and not a vehicle for sex) (Cardassian S!)

5) Jim is perfect here. I don't know what else to say about how you've written him, except that it feels true, that it's like you've peeled back his layers and slipped into his persona and explained to me the skin he wears

6) Pike - your description of his smile, of his instant understanding of the situation, of Jim's need to test him, to know if they're the same - and then Pike's way of being tested, of changing the rules of HOW the ball is moved in order to 'win', and how this implies his sanctioning of Jim's method of beating the Kobayashi Maru. His role as mentor fits so well here, feels so true, and the relief it gives Jim is beautiful and fitting

7) the last bit, the integration with the fic into the movie, is seamless. Gah.

Thank you for sharing!

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