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Gardening... in January

I've got a Japanese post coming up tomorrow, but today I just lazed around the house and planned for the garden. I've got gardening problems. I think living in NYC for four years with almost no windows led to a deep desire to plant all the things whenever I have access to sunlight. This year I'm chucking some stuff out into the elements; winter-sowing, or whatever.

Also just painted my nails and hung about and - just right this instant - got a message from my father saying "love you enjoy the last days before the crazy nut president." Ah, gotta love it. At least I'll always have home to flee back to, even if home has its own problems.
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Yay gardening! I'm not a gardener (my sister and I have black thumbs) but our mother keeps a lush container garden--she lives in a high-rise in Seoul and can grow just about anything.
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Planting all the things is great! What do you like to plant? :D
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Slugs always eat up my lettuces. And spinach and komatsuna. I'm jealous of your fresh, tender salad greens!
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Hugs. :)