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Last post for tonight, I swear. *sleepy*

My other [livejournal.com profile] sweetcharityvox fic, this time for [livejournal.com profile] misura, and also for my own selfish little soul, which wants Estraven and the Left Hand of Darkness to be more loved both. :D [livejournal.com profile] mjules was my most amazing beta. ♥

Come Out of Kerm Land

Fandom: The Left Hand of Darkness
Characters: Estraven/Ashe, cameos by Sorve and Obsle, allusions to Arek/Estraven
Rating: PG
Summary: Therem Harth tells no love stories; yet there are other stories, some of which are Estraven's to tell.

1670 words and points of views everywhere! \o\

'Why, Lord Estraven, are you come so young out of Kerm Land?' )
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Pauper-AU strikes back, for charity! Written for [livejournal.com profile] scheherezhad as her tart for [livejournal.com profile] sweetcharityvox. \o\ It's almost like cheating!

Runs In The Family

Fandom: Batman (Pauper!AU)
Characters: Bruce, Dick, Jason
Rating: PG13
Summary: Life, if Bruce had not been rich, goes like this for Dick: a small apartment, joy, dreams, and friends sharing spring breaks.

Notes: Standalone sequel to the earlier part of the AU

4907 words and a lot of Bats Trying To Be Normal (TM).

'Now or next year, Grayson?' Jason shouts from downstairs. )
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K cleans out her closet and tries to do some good in the world. \o

1. a close friend of mine, [livejournal.com profile] viewpoints, is a freelance photographer just starting out; her current homepage is here if you want to check it out!
2. the world being full of suck, family + money troubles = epic fail. con season isn't quite in kick yet, and so she's in a bit of a pinch as she tries to start up on her feet
3. in an effort to try and help out, I'm selling off a few thing sitting around my room. :D
4. if you're interested (prices are in USD), please drop a comment and I'll let you know her paypal email - everything goes straight to her.
5. prices are what-you-see-is-what-you-get: I'll cover shipping to anywhere in the world, unless you want to cover it for me. :D
trudi canavan: the novice (softcover) = $5
anthology: outsiders (horror/sortof erotica) = $7
j.k rowling: harry potter and the order of the phoenix (Bloomsbury softcover) = $8
batman tpb: no man's land vol. 1 = $8
batman tpb: batman and son = $5
green arrow: quiver = $10
"i'll write you something original" = $3/3000 words
batch of 25 icons = $5
black and white photo postcard (3r from here)! = $2
tea sampler (enough for 5 pots! I've got bunches of tea!) = $5

Tea-qualifier: all my teas are loose leaf, and good! :D I've got green tea from Japan in one or two varieties (genmaicha and sencha, I think), chai, vanilla (black), irish breakfast, a lot of earl greys (some English, some American). Tea-bag wise I have fruit teas!

*gets down to her giftfics and layouts in the meantime, eeee*

[edit] Also, am finding that now that I am home and travelling less and trying to Settle Down, I'm talking to people a lot more often, so contact update!

AIM: raisecallfold (I do love me my ability to italicise)
MSN: karangunii at gmail
twit ter: karanguni (TWITTERFOX IS EVIL)
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A lot of stuff's been going down in LJ land of late - Dreamwidth and Racefail and many other deep, deep things that I can't hope to ever understand or involve myself in. So instead I write a long thing here, which is just my two cents, but maybe you'll all find it an interesting one.

Also, calling out: a friend of mine is in a bit of pinch financially as she's trying to start out freelancing and doesn't have a steady inflow, so I'm wanting/trying to help her out in any way possible. 1. Would anyone be interested in buying DVDs, books and the like? I'll cover shipping costs! 2. I'm also willing to design pages, icons, posters, write &c. for whatever you think my brains are worth. If people are interested, I'll set up a proper post with details!

Swear I'll stop updating now. Today's been crazy with updates.
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The Sweet Charity Auction ends in a few hours, GO BID FOR I AM CHEAP? :D :D? FOR HONOUR, GLORY, DOING GOODNESS AND A HARD BOILED EGG.

Also, anyone else on the flist play Samurai Warriors? Or Dynasty Warriors? And I know I'm going to get shot for this, but anyone who fails to enjoy Digital Devil Saga?

And Happy April Fools'! Leave a drabble prompts in the comments if you'd like - a fandom, characters, and a gag.
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I know I just did one for Bat!pauper fic, but I realise that there are, woah, a lot more people here (hi!!!!) than there were when I first did a call of being on a general beta-filter. I just posted some Final Fantasy VII stuff for the Restorations Arc under beta, so if you want on that list to read it, please do comment below! :D Please be not shy - it's not a beta filter where you actually have to say anything, it's just that I occasionally post something with questions like "SHOULD I BURN THIS OVER AN OPEN FIRE?" Lurkers are totally welcome. *waves*

The beta-filter gets stuff from more or less everything that I'm doing - unprocessed and unedited and generally MESSY LIKE A CAKE AT A 3 YEAR-OLD'S PARTY - but if you DARE GO FORTH... 8D

Similarly, if you want to be taken off the beta-filter, just tell me. No hard feelings! ♥

Pssst, as a pimpin' sidenote: I'm up for fic & graphics bidding at the Sweet Charity Auction! Just search for me under "karanguni"! Lots of other cool people are on auction as well: here I do pimp [livejournal.com profile] deejay's chai basket, [livejournal.com profile] lferion and [livejournal.com profile] scheherezhad's jewellery, [livejournal.com profile] everysecondtues's fic and [livejournal.com profile] attempt_unique's graphics. :D :D Have I missed anyone?
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The Sweet Charity Auction is a go - search for my name and bid on me and I WILL WRITE YOU STUFF THAT IS ALL YOURS. I am cheap like a ho, guys. :D If the fandom you want isn't listed, just zip back here and ask me if I'll do it.

Help out a good cause? :D?
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Hi guys! Because I have no soul, I'm selling myself and my services for the good of fandom and everything at this year's Sweet Charity auction. I'm up for two pieces of fiction (in a bunch of fandoms, including all of my major ones! and Rahm! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY OATH TO WEAN MYSELF AWAY FROM THIS FANDOM, I DO NOT KNOW, BUT HEY, IF THE WORDS FLOW, I WON'T BE TRIPPIN') and a layout/icon set/poster design, so if you have about 3 GPB to spare, I am a very valid economic stimulus option. :D :D :D Go clicky clicky and search for me under (surprise!!!) "karanguni".

Proceeds are going to RAINN, which is full of worthiness.

Also, I JEDI MIND TRICK all of you into pitching in and putting your very noble selves and services up as well! More people = more fic/goodies = more money to people who need it = MORE EXCELLENCE IN THE UNIVERSE.

♥ See y'all there. Auction's on the 28th - 31st of March, and you can sign up any time until then! It's not just fic and graphics - you can offer jewellery, art, cloth, food & drink, vids, and the ambiguous+ubiquitous "miscellaneous".

Feel free to shoot me questions about my offer in this post!

[edit] MEMETIME.

tell me something

I know that I know very little about all you amazing people on my flist - the things you care about, the matters that hit home, the way you live and sometimes even where you live. This post is open, and anonymous commenting is open -- go 'head, tell me a bit or piece of your story: post about why you're here on LJ, or what you fear the most, or just CHAT IN CAPSLOCK; tell me about the fandoms I'm not in that you want to share, or about the charities you'd support (like the one up there? :D?). I SEND ♥ OF INVITATION 'specially to those of you whom I don't cross-fandoms with very often! :D :D :D
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'lo, Nyx: the most religious-y, steampunk-y, general bad-ass-ery music I could find/upload:

Tori Amos - God

Smoky + electric guitar = Tori Amos

Franz Ferdinand - Evil and a Heathen

Kaizers Orchestra - Bak et Hallelujah

(They've got, like. Crazy drums and oil barrel smashing and accordians and Norwegian lyrics.)

Dave Matthews - Eh Hee
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Maybe it's because it's lull season for me right now - I'm in the midst of starting and finishing research papers and getting one set of results back before going into a new set of revision and examinations in late October and November - but I want to get all the crazy holiday stuff set down before the INSANE CRUNCH TIME of Yule and November frippery.


Christmas/Yule/Happy Non-denominational Random Celebration Day Card Sending List

If you want a postcard to find in your mailbox come December - no promises on the content ("8D 8D"), but I can give promises on the, uh, ontological existence of the card itself - leave your address/a address in the comments (screened!). This doesn't just apply for you - if you have a friend/loved one/family member/pet/relative/best friend/doctor/spouse/neighbour/teacher that you want to send some lovin' to, set that right down here as well!

Therefore leave:

- A Name/Identity/Thing I can address the card/thing to
- An address that a postman will deliver to
- If it's meant as a surprise for a friend, a note you may want me to stick in for you
- If it's meant as a surprise for you, a note about what you might want me to stick in for you (HINT: IF YOU ARE A JE FAN, there are a couple of magazines and things that I want to see in better, more interested homes!)

Your addresses are safe with me. *g* I realise that makes it sound totally washy, but YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO TRUST ME ON THAT.

Feel free to spread this 'cross LJ if you want - more people = more love, right? - or to spread a little ho-ho-ho yourself. In the middle of September. Because it's cool to be early. And stuff.
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Following in the footsteps of the very awesome [livejournal.com profile] sister_coyote, I've gone and signed myself up for a charity fandom-type auction thing called [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry. The comm is all about raising funds for equal marriage rights in California - and while I neither live there nor have spent any amount of time in either the United States in general or California in particular, this is one fight that I'll never be able to fight in my home constitution (oh, we tried; we got our asses handed to us, too) or even in my own family environment. I have no wish to spend the rest of my life silent about one of the matters closest to my heart and the hearts of the others around me who have even fewer avenues of expressing their desire to live in a equalised world.

So perhaps I'm extraneous in participating in something that exists so far outside my real world social circle - but the world is at once larger than the four walls I have in my home, and also smaller than I believe it was fourty, fifty years ago when my nation's constitution was being written. My efforts are just a drop in a large ocean on the wrong continent and in the wrong part of the world, but I intend to make a few small ripples before I keel over and give up.

That was my paragraph worth of crack-free statement for the week, by the way.

SO. I write this pimp post calling out to everyone here who gives a shit about having some of the most basic rights. I don't care if you don't care about gay marriage or where you are on the crazy sliding scale of orientation anyway: this is just one fight for equality. 8D I'm offering fic (FFVII, Baccano!, Lucifer, The Left Hand of Darkness, originals) and/or layouts and icons. So, if you have some cash handy, you can bid for my services (!!!!!!) here (fic) or here (layouts) starting from a low, low, low, low $2. I am a cheap little whore. I would have put $1, but then my self-esteem would have bottomed out and I'll creep into a corner and whimper if no one actually, y'know, ends up bidding. At least at $2 I can say that I'm too expensive. *BEAMS* If you're feeling really happy, you can buy me now at $80. (Yeah, right.) Bidding/buying starts 1 July (PST; why is everything on PST).

The bids work by you making a donation to any one of the equal-rights charities listed in [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry's profile. Simple stuff!

Alternatively, if you are - like me - dead broke and/or unable to use a credit card or other Instruments of Donation and/or saving up to do stuff and/or too lazy to bother with money, you can join the community as a seller and have a bit of fun. :D

/jedi mind trick

[edit] You know what, actually, let's up this bet. To anyone who will participate and/or bid, I will equal one of my offers above to you for free. :D

[edit again] Okay so I have no self-control: now offering photography with a higher minimum bid of $10. *shame*

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