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[personal profile] charlieblue JUST WROTE FOLLOW UP TO I Don't Think You Think I Think About Probability. RUSTY. AND EAMES.

Without You, Ambiguous Backstory Is Nothing
Inception/Ocean's 11; PG 13; 3 500 words; Rusty/Eames, Rusty/Danny



Let me quote things at you so that you will understand what I mean when I say I mean that you must read this fic immediately:

‘So then I told him that if he was so displeased with my services, he was perfectly welcome to take his chances with the luddites.’

‘Luddites?’ Rusty is drowsy and naked, spread across and around five different pillows and a feather-down comforter, warm and flushed, barely enraptured with the story until the strange choice of word.

‘You know, John Henrys, daywalkers, reality rats, old schoolers. You, darling.’ Eames is lying on his stomach, watching the twinkling skyline through the windows. His hair is ruffled and his tattoos fascinate Rusty, who has always had a weakness for permanent things.
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I just wanted to say ♥ and that I love you guys for being the caring, insanely talented and heartfelt people that you are. ♥ It's always blown my mind away how a shy girl who talks too much from this corner of the globe has been able to get to know all you crazy and fantastic people from all over the place - you guys have been a bright damned light, full of lessons of life, politics, writing, love, joy. I'm honoured and lucky to call you guys my friends. ♥ ♥ And will always look forward to getting to know you guys better, regardless of how much we talk right now.

Also, a huge thank you to anyone who's dropped a word for me over the last few days of epic crap-time, and hearts out to everyone who's been going through hard times or Workfail or tiredness. As Ocean's 12 the movie said, HANG TIGHT.

/public service announcement


Additionally, DETOX - a genfic commentfic thinger! :D Highly recommended for anyone who struggles with pr0n *guiltycough* )
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Where I realise what a ridiculously lucky person I am to have the flisters that I do.

As I sat up yesterday in the ridiculous bowels of the night writing the next bit of [livejournal.com profile] nasdack, I read through what [livejournal.com profile] ellnyx had written before me and felt truly, truly overwhelmed because Nyx writes so damned good that all I want today is to try to be even half as impact-worthy in my parts. Or to be half as good a friend, especially when it's 1 am on a work night and K is a bad/sad invisible machine. ♥

And that's on top of the wonderful and amazing [livejournal.com profile] pere_chan, whom I spoke to over Skype for the first time yesterday. It's one of the best feelings in the world when you pick up the phone (uh, mic), call someone, and feel 0 awkwardness. And then proceed to spend 3 hours talking about either tentacles, race, and how to make Dick not look like a ho. ♥

If the universe had more space/time/spacetime, I'd zoom over and save [livejournal.com profile] dnatio_memoriae from drowning in schoolwork, because D, too, is full of :D and does not deserve to be going "AUGH!" Thank you, man, for commenting all the time and taking time out to ask if I'm okay even as the jaws of your proposal yawn wide to swallow you whole.

To [livejournal.com profile] shadowwaker, who has been the unfortunate victim of my brainless sickness + 2am brain, thank you for coming out and chatting with me! :D I am notoriously bad at being chatty, but you remind me how much fun it is to step outside of my Circle of Shy (TM). It blows my mind how many languages you speak and how cool it is to just giggle and fangirl over a German Rufus whospeaksreallyfastandamazingly. ♥ And fic! And squishy.

[livejournal.com profile] white_jenna talked to and with me way before so many people, and was one of the first to break me into the habit, for which I am eternally grateful. ♥ Hehe, also, you are the bestest person to linkspam squeeish things with, as you amazingly always manage to spread it out to everyone else! :D

[livejournal.com profile] regicidaldwarf, I DO LOVE OUR CHAT, and our mumbly ramblings about our daily lives and Who and university and just life. It's something that reminds me how ?!?! lucky I am to be able to flail around with someone so far away. \o ♥

[livejournal.com profile] charlie_d_blue, my pimp, my most lovely pimp: without you, I wouldn't have known the joys of flailing in an outright CAPSLOCK flail way. You are exactly my age and it is fucking fantastic because you are awesome, five times more mature than me, have the brains of a GENIUS, and make me want to smile and smile and smile and then write porn. Or watch Leverage. I OWE YOU A CARD.

[livejournal.com profile] two_if_by_sea - I know I never quite comment on your posts 0.00005 as much as I should, but let me say that your posts always make me grin and go oooooh over your photographs and the everyday things. :D Your comments and pimping are so \o \o \o that I don't even have words, I must make do with one-armed pictorial flailing. \o \o \o

[livejournal.com profile] evercourant, baby, you are so insane that I want to keep you on my shelf and hug you all the time and and and :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Your mad laughter through fic and my Psychotic Dream Sequences warms my cold, dream-wearied heart.

[livejournal.com profile] knightlineninja, I don't know if you're going to read this, BUT I LOVE THE KNIGHT, and hope that work has not swallowed you. TEA! It will be forthcoming!

[livejournal.com profile] scheherezhad, I still owe you. *g* You're amazingly generous, thank you so much for doing up the Jaynehat for me - I was just so flabbergasted when you offered, and it sits on my bed, guarding one of my bedposts from the glaring light of day at all times. ♥

[livejournal.com profile] aikonamika, seeing your comments always makes me smile. :D In spite of the fics I write sometimes having 0 overlap with the things you're interested in, you're still here, which brings a huge glow to my heart. :D

[livejournal.com profile] raikomotomiya, when you commented on Batfic I nearly DIED OF GLEE, and then you you you did fanart and and and it is amazing and I love seeing the snippets and you are SO :D INDUCING, YOU KNOW THAT? :D

[livejournal.com profile] deepad, reading your posts always makes me think and be a better person. You're so much more conscious and linked to the world around you than many others, and you're always eloquent in the ways you think and phrase the way you think. ♥ Sometimes it's intimidating, because I feel like I am a lowly brainless ant in comparison, but I still love reading your posts and comments, and learning by proxy how to be more aware, and be more cool about the way different people feel, think and operate. ♥

[livejournal.com profile] glass_icarus, YOU ARE SO FULL OF WIN. Thank you so much for guiding my eggchick brain around its flaily university thoughts - without you I'd be a million times as anxious. It is so unbelievably cool to think I'll be able to meet up with you soon, and I look forward to it WITH GREAT ANTICIPATION. Thank you for reading and for commenting on my things, and for articulating the way you did on my thinky-thoughts post in ways I couldn't have ever imagined articulating myself. ♥

[livejournal.com profile] guingel, your posts on Bible readings and on your huge amazing life? Always a win. Again, I am a horrible non-commenty-non-commenter, but it's still supremely awesome to go through the flist and see bits about cons and life. ♥ ♥ Plus, having discussions with you always makes me think, for which my rotting brain is ever grateful.

[livejournal.com profile] voksen. I JUST CAPSLOCK RIGHT AT YOU. For the commentspam, the BRAINSPAM, the SCHULDIG ICON OF DOOM, and all the back-and-forth and FOOD and mmmmm and here I'm going to just roll around in glee. :D

[livejournal.com profile] autumn_belias, dude, you care so much about when I stay up and are always telling me to look after myself - ♥, Sam, seriously. I'm glad that Yuletide stuck us together in the same chat, because elsewise I'd never have an awesome person to flop around with and destroy biology notes with. 8D

[livejournal.com profile] mjules, YOU REC THE MOST AMAZING THINGS. Heeee, and and and The Left Hand of Darkness, man. That's enough to make me weep with gratefulness at meeting you in the wide stream of the interwebs.

[livejournal.com profile] numinicuous, from the first moment on #yulechat, you have been :D :D :D and so damned smart and woah multitasking, and that has never changed, SO PLEASE NEVER CHANGE. Also, I frequently want to elope with your icons. 8D

[livejournal.com profile] sharaith, you come from such a different place and experience than me, and that humbles me so, so much. ♥ I love reading your posts, and am so :D that you find time out to comment on the things I post about. ♥!

*PANTS* Okay, I never quite intended to write such a long list, but NOW THAT I HAVE, I am deathly afraid that I have missed someone out - if I have, HIT ME, because my brain is still operating on a lot of ?????? and and and *flop* I have probably used the word "awesome" and "amazing" too many times today.

But in short - ♥ I look at the people I've met here on this LJ, how different and similar we all are, and it's a moment of gladness: I have lived to see this!
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The most amazing [livejournal.com profile] luzula has created podfic of my The Left Hand of Darkness fic Other Kinds Of Men! :D :D It is most amazing, go check it out! ♥ ♥


- I'll be on vacation for the next couple of days -- I don't think I'll have access to email or the internet in that time!
- Persona 3 is 1429048 times more interesting than Digital Devil Saga, for which I am PROFOUNDLY THANKFUL.
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[livejournal.com profile] third_monday fic is finally complete after total fail-getting on my part; not only is it late, it also had the misfortune to have been written in a state of *________* tired, where my words not only did their usual swapping-out-with-homonyms thing, but in fact got up and danced around and mocked my schedule for the next five days (NO DAY IS LESS THAN TWELVE HOURS LONG, WHY, WHY, WHY). [livejournal.com profile] charlie_d_blue, without you I'm nothing I'd have died. Those emails? Saved my life.

Then I went to this meme place thing and generated myself a haiku, and this is what I got:

Haiku2 for karanguni
once in a while
smiling and holding out that
hand gets you so much
Created by Grahame

And then I thought of all the awesome people around me, and the world, it righted itself. Or at least propped itself back a few degrees. ♥

*goes off to chill for 8 hours of sleep*

Feb. 10th, 2009 08:13 am
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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's been giving me perk-me-ups for the last couple of days; you guys are the SWEETEST THINGS ON EARTH LIKE CANDY AND BILLION DOLLAR BAILOUTS, just so you know. ♥
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Just finished 5000+ words of RPS fic. Am finally done with it. SHAKING WITH RELIEF. Brain needs to turn off now. Or back on. OR SOMETHING.

Also, mail went out today - Snow/Kristin/[livejournal.com profile] white_jenna, cards are heading down, do not throw out! ♥
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How tired art thee?
Let me count the ways -

Thou art more tired than a man
Who, in his wisdom,
Doth run in front of a car.

For thou art subject to
Such slings and arrows as
Insomnia, blasted telecommunication
Companies, the wart of public
Transportation and the
Essence of crabby
Middle-aged wives.

For you took the road less trodden
And hence discovered exactly why
Sometimes people don't give a shit.

But now comes bathtime,
And re-reading mail from abroad;
To BLOOD bath, to BATTLE bubbles
AND A RED DAWN And a cold-dripped cup of tea.

Don't ask; when extremely tired, K's brain sometimes fails to operate in prose.
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So, who's the crazy person who has decided to give as many people on the flist a present as she can? I AM! *BEAMS* In the spirit of the new year and attempting to kick my ass back into action. I've taken what prompts you guys have given me over the last however-many-times-I-decided-to-click-previous-entries, and have spun what I can. Happy new year! ♥ from this side of the universe.

[livejournal.com profile] dnatio_memoriae generously donated her art skillz for a couple of these, and may be contributing more in the morning! IS THE WORLD NOT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE. OH YES, IT IS. ♥

numinicious - Lucifer (Lucifer, postcard) )

dnatio_memoriae: Baccano! (Luck, Claire, writing on the wall) )

white_jenna: Final Fantasy VII (Tseng, cocktail napkin) )

muse_lightning: nasdack FFVII AU (Tseng, Elena, post-its) )

knightlineninja: Cowboy Bebop (Spike, short letter) )

voksen: Baccano! (Czes, longhand letter) )

logistika_nyx: nasdack AU (Elena/Tseng: he's full of wishful thinking) )

misura: nasdack AU (Dark Nation, Rufus) )

If you feel you have been deprived a present, feel free to dump a prompt of any sort on me! After all, Chinese New Year (ha! coming from me, least traditional of people!) lasts a good long while, technically! :D Right now I am going to lean back in my seat and let my eyes explode for a while. ♥
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Okay, right, so I wake up this morning after popping a couple of tabs of paracetamol last night, and mostly I just feel like I've been rolled over by a violently angry trucker. Repeatedly. I have to get on a plane in roughly one and a half days, so that's not looking too shiny. *rolls*

That said, might as well make someone else's day! :D [livejournal.com profile] paceus asked for a DVD commentary for Ho ho ho (Discworld). Here it is:

Things I do when low on sleep )

\o/ I am a pretty pathetic commentary writer for drabbles. *g* If anyone else wants one - for any fic, really - feel free to poke at!

Alternatively, if you feel like making a sick girl's day:
the fanficcers love meme, continued

[edit] While I'm in the meta mood, might as well do the 2008-fic-roundup thing that everyone else and their mother has probably done. 8D

The year in a couple of words )

(this goes out from under the cut, because people need the love:)

Things I love - again and again and again I have struck gold with the people I've met. It's insane - everyone seems to talk about fandom wank and such, but I've never encountered anything other than squee and constructive crit.

[livejournal.com profile] pere_chan: my most amazing Pere! I do not know if you are home to read this right now, but thank you so damned much. You went from being one of the first people that I felt comfortable squeeing with on AIM to being one of my closest friends outright. ♥ Your Batman art blows my mind away - your art in general blows my mind away - but not more than your generosity of spirit and optimisim.

[livejournal.com profile] dnatio_memoriae: I am so glad you came out of the woodwork! Thank you so much for the last couple of months; it has been one hell of a ride. *g* You're always around with something to say about Turkfic, for which I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL IN ALLCAPS, and I love love love the concrit you gave for Restorations. I love you art so much that I have this entire folder with nothing but your pieces. I look at it and it brings a warm glow to my stomach. TOGETHER WE WILL MUSH LUCIFER AND FINAL FANTASY VII AND BLIND THE WORLD. *g* *rolls*

[livejournal.com profile] logistika_nyx: you are the master, and I, merely the little slavegirl thing. *g* You have constantly been around to flail at and with, and to have endless comment threads when one/both of us are bored at school/work, and god knows you've made me a better, more thinky writer than I would've been otherwise. I hope you and the Boy are home and settled into House! :D I am blessed to have got to know you. And, you know, write copious amounts of (mind)porn with you.

[livejournal.com profile] kabuki_chan: I hope that you are alive! And that the world has not eaten you! ♥ Thank you so much for the co-squee and the amazing art over the past year. You are the bestest!

[livejournal.com profile] _ice_lady_: LET YOUR THESIS NOT EAT YOU, PLEASE. ♥ Thank you for being around and always having time to comment spam and grin and glee. ♥

[livejournal.com profile] maho_kiwi: kiwi! I am so glad to have got to know you and Laylah - the both of you are such landmarks of fandomy goodness, and the both of you work so hard that I feel kind of star-fishy and useless in comparison. You guys have been amazing generous with your time and yourselves, so ♥ ♥ ♥!

My nose is starting to clog up and object to a lack of medicine, and I'm running out of the braincells needed to do a proper thank-you list, but nonetheless:

[livejournal.com profile] white_jenna, [livejournal.com profile] puella_nerdii, [livejournal.com profile] aikonamika, [livejournal.com profile] guingel, [livejournal.com profile] mithrigil, [livejournal.com profile] shadowwaker -- and everyone else that my brain's not remembering: thank you so much for the past year. ♥

To all the new flisters, especially the Yuletides [livejournal.com profile] mjules, [livejournal.com profile] numinicious, [livejournal.com profile] elishabet, [livejournal.com profile] liviapenn, [livejournal.com profile] dhaunea, [livejournal.com profile] kangeiko, [livejournal.com profile] deepad, [livejournal.com profile] autumn_belias, okay here I really *am* running out of braincells - I love you guys for #yulechat, and I lookforward to mm.org, and the next yuletide, and all the OTHER CRAZY. Oh, and five million NYRs. ♥
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ajflka fjlas fjlkas fljs kfja slkjf as *lick* *lick* *LICK*

Plus, it comes over and on top of other awesome things this week:

  1. Getting a POSTCARD from Columbia. What the fuck, university, you're months away and already you are beautiful.
  2. Getting a letter from Columbia, which - as copy/pasted as I'm sure it is - is still so damned shiny, because, my god, it's like, this adult woman telling me she loves me and that she spoke for me during the admissions panel, and then she signs off in real pen, even managing to almost misspell "New York". I am in so much love it's crazy.
  3. It turns out that the best friend is, actually, alive! Tired sounding, but alive! My heart is more at peace than it has been in a while upon hearing that.
  4. Getting friended by [livejournal.com profile] yuletide people is like getting people-shaped presents in my inbox.
  5. Writing an insane number of fics for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide apparently generates an insane amount of feedback; this is something I can live with.
  6. Hopefully we will be upgrading to better internets soon! Faster surfing. I like muchly.

[edit] Omg. It is five minutes later and I am still looking at the pretty. The shoes. THE SHOES. And Tseng's VEST. And my god the creases, they look so real, I want to touch them. And then make them... creas-ier.

I seriously have been so fucking gifted with amazing friends and crazymadawesome fellow fandom people. Yuletide's an important season for this journal, since (looking back) I realise that my first venture into fic and fandom et al s'dated almost exactly a year ago from now. *g* I'd never have imagined that I'd meet so many insanely talented and beautiful human beings. Thank you, flist, for being who and what you all are. I LOVE YOU, and am so lucky to be blessed to know you.
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The people

It was my second time participating, and my god I was a young and silly fool to have missed out on yulechat last year. Because this year's [livejournal.com profile] yuletide experience was characterised by late-night/early-morning flailings and made possible only by the insane generosity and madness that is the #yuletide channel. Coming off the plane three days before stories were due, I didn't think I'd make my pinch-hit, much less come out with eight stories and a boatload of awesome new friends. ♥ to everyone: sara(aah), whetherwoman, mjules, deejay, kristin, Snow, deepa, hh, Jaded, voksen, Lferion, Llwyden, yf, moontyger, Grey Bard, Livia, kankeigo, Franzi, Piru, Truth, MsMcK, Now I Am Running Out Of Space and Memory For Names Here. You guys (whether named or tragically unnamed by my failure to recall) are the bestest thing since the thing before and the thing after sliced bread. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ You guys are the bringers of comfort and joy.

The fic!

I do not know what amazing small god I pleased, for serious. I came in expecting nothing, and came out with four amazing, amazing fics in fandoms that I feel have been sorely lacking love. Here, let me rec them to you with great reccage:

Lucifer, Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries )

And now for some quickrecs before lunch:

One rec each for Boston Legal, The Graveyard Book, History Boys, Junjou Romantica, Wild Adapter )
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IT'S GROWING INTO SOME BIZARRE KIND OF MONSTER. I warn you. I wrote this under the influence of a green tea latte and Britney Spears. Your sanity is not insured, no more than your financial instruments are.

Some Things You Can't Buy, For Everything Else There's The Theoretical Joint Bunansa-Shinra Empire

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy XII/The Stockmarket
Characters: Balthier/Tseng, Rufus/Tseng
Rating: Soft R
Summary: Tseng's in New York, Balthier's in London, and Rufus is in the sky as the world burns around them. Hedging on futures can be such tricky things.
Functional explanation: The stock markets exploded. Balthier, Rufus and Tseng are hot. This comment thread happened.
Inflicted upon the world by: [livejournal.com profile] logistika_nyx and [livejournal.com profile] karanguni

Previous episodes:

Part the first
Part the second

You don't really have to read them in any order. I don't even know if we have an order.

2636 words and ho'shit, five thousand backstories! \o\

'Good boy,' Tseng says with a smile. )

[edit] Now with additional Deleted Scenes and sex in the comments! Hooray! \o\
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If you liked the last Tseng/Balthier stockmarket thingy, I advise you to go lick Nyx's feet over here, because she does it all so fucking beautifully.
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Strange Untitled Stockmarket!AU

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy XII/The Stock Exchange
Rating: PG-99
Characters: Balthier/Tseng, Tseng/Rufus
Summary: Tseng's in New York, Balthier's in London, and Rufus is in the sky as the world burns around them. Hedging on futures can be such tricky things.
Functional explanation: It's all [livejournal.com profile] logistika_nyx's fault. A good chunk of this belongs to her, adapted to fit the situation and tense. You can read the original crack-ery here to see precisely which bits. Nyx: I apologise. Profusely. But probably not profusely enough.

Mostly, this is just a trader!AU: in which Tseng and Balthier make money on the gone-to-shit stock markets of our world. And Rufus waggles his eyebrows a bit. Hooray!

2425 words and oh, such a hell I am going to for this. Beware un-beta'd tense shifts!

'Are you an optimist?' Balthier would say into the receiver, when Tseng picked up. )
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Do this research writing person a turn? 8D I'll do you if you do me *waggle*

Also, let me once again direct you to amazing Batp0rn (Dick/Tim) by [livejournal.com profile] pere_chan, written as an offshoot to a drabble prompted by this pair of Y3 boots as in the cut below. Life is too generous to me some days.

Batman drabble
Tim, Bruce, hints of Dick/Tim and happytimes.
736 words

Boooots )
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Writing up the next huge-ass chunk of the Better Dead than Lead arc, which is producing things like:

'Terry,' Bruce acknowledges. Terry holds out a hand to Dick. Dick looks at Bruce. The expression on Bruce's face probably, once translated, means play nice.

I am so going to hell. BUT MOSTLY I AM POSTING THIS TO TELL THE WORLD TO GO WORSHIP [livejournal.com profile] pere_chan. Oh my god, look what she drew for me! LOOK WHAT SHE DREW:

So this is me, dying, because that's Dick in the blue tie, and Terry in the red shirt, and ho'crap. GO. GO TELL HER HOW AWESOME SHE IS.

Meanwhile, you can pick up some more Batman icons from the graphics journal if you want. 8D


Aaand I'll stop spamming your flists now.


Jun. 23rd, 2008 08:42 pm
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So, I'm doing everything but what I should be doing (studying, or writing). 8D A small, tiny icon batch, fuelled by my intense frustration at never having Tseng icons on hand. \o/


More here at [livejournal.com profile] shifgrethor!

Also: [livejournal.com profile] logistika_nyx is awesome. Awesome beyond awesome beyond awesome. Awesome like burning.

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