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Happy (almost) new year, everyone on this side of the continent! :D

Have some celebratory Lucifer: #11-20.
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Promised to upload this for [livejournal.com profile] logistika_nyx, but everyone else is free to have a swing at it too. Here are the first few bits of the Vertigo comic Lucifer, which is probably one of the most kickass graphic novels of all time. Srsly. Go read it. The writing is amazing.

Change xx --> tt.

Lucifer: The Morningstar Option (19mb prologue)
Lucifer 1 - 5 (33mb)
Lucifer 6 - 10 (30mb)
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Title: Outward From Midgar
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII/Lucifer (comic)
Characters: Tseng, Lucifer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Crossover. Midgar AU. Smashee-crashee of various real cultures. The Devil. Oh, and sex.
Summary: Sometimes you just got to get bored with life before you remember to start living it. Written for the roads_diverged challenge at IJ, theme: small town.

5141 words and the loosest ever interpretation of a theme. Oh, and the most desperate crossover ever, too! You really, really don't need to know Lucifer. At all.

The first impression it left on him was this: roads leading everywhere and nowhere, too much sky, too much land, too few people. )
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Yes, she's not dead yet, etc. Iron Man was spiffy! Here, have some distracting drabbles ported over from IJ.

Lucifer/Baccano!, because, well, because. The Devil sure don't need no reasons. So why should Claire? 716 words.

Lucifer/Baccano! crossover: Claire, Mazikeen )

Aaaand an Iron Man one, because clearly, I am going to hell. Warnings for (very brief) mentions of naughty toys. 8D. 1102 words.

Iron Man: Tony and Jarvis )
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Because it's eaten my life. Though I'm not quite able to capture the sheer kickassery of his snarky fallen-ness.

3 variations )
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Thy Distant Fire (IJ), Luck/Claire, not worksafe, and so brilliant, because, because laylah is the bestestest and and and hot and good and ee!

And the rest of my week, in graphs:

Words fail me sometimes )

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