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The Business of Fear

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (OGC)/Highlander (/Baccano!)
Characters: Rufus, Methos; cameos by Tseng and Luck
Rating: Soft R
Summary: Rufus needs men who are know something of the business of fear.

Notes: Runs in the same line as New Men (Baccano!/Final Fantasy VII), but you don't need to read it to read this! Written for the no_true_pair prompt: Rufus is bound and blinded -- does Methos try to help, or take advantage of the situation?

4952 words and Rufus doing some recruiting!

Hide and seek is something Methos has come to be good at over the years, but he has absolutely no illusions about playing against the Shinra Company. )
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Hi guys, anyone who's writing for 0TP but has sorta-kinda-moved from IJ, I've created a mirror of it on [community profile] no_true_pair; feel free to crosspost merrily and to pimp it out here on DW!


I also super-fast-coded a CSS DW layout that doesn't require the usual bangs and whistles of a paid account; 0TP is the live preview, and the code is below. Warning: very hastily coded! 8D

Use Transmogrified as your theme, set Use layout's stylesheet(s) as UNCHECKED, and stick that into your custom CSS.

Whee, 0TP!

Apr. 28th, 2009 09:09 am
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Prompts are in for No True Pair!

Argaven in this is Argaven from Winter's King, and not the Argaven in Estraven's timeline. \o/ That note would have made sense to maybe 1 person on this flist.

Fandom crossover madness between Final Fantasy VII, Highlander and The Left Hand of Darkness. Strange, so strange, but so beautiful.

A kink round! I am so screwed, pun pun pun. )

If I write even half of the prompts I want, and then write half of those are pr0n for real, I'll still more than double the total amount of sex I've ever written! :D :D
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[livejournal.com profile] ellnyx being a genius, and with [livejournal.com profile] laylah being its founding father person, we are happily revealing the April kink-based prompt list for No True Pair tomorrow!

Nyx and I went a-testing, and on my end with my character lists I'm getting things like: Methos and Tseng, with blood! Tseng owing Estraven and repaying him in Interesting Ways!


\o\ I pimp it, therefore I am going to get some rest.
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Title: Making Family
Fandom: Baccano!/Ocean's 11
Characters: Claire, Danny
Rating: PG
Warnings: Written for no true pair. Oh my god, crossover genfic! There's slash. But only if you sort of turn your head sideways and squint.
Summary: Danny doesn't want to have kids; Claire would kill to have some. It doesn't take too long before Danny realises, maybe this kid isn't so bad after all --

1528 words and really bad recruiting skills. I HAVE NO EXCUSE.

Not there was anything to make easier, because Danny wasn't doing this, because if Danny did do it Rusty would have a -- )
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So, I try to write a PWP for my no_true_pair prompt (Luck/Rufus/____) over at IJ, and what do I get? Character plot! \o/ *cuddles the evil spawn fic nonetheless* Fear not the AU; you need to know very little about Baccano!, truth be told. It's like one gigantic outside-looking-in thing on Tseng (and Rufus). Plus one to my attempts at turning everyone into a Turk!

Title: New Men
Fandom: Baccano!/Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Luck/Tseng/Rufus
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Uh, AU? Sex? Luck as a Turk? 8D
Summary: It's a new age when men are unafraid of being exactly what they are; Luck envies them enough to put on the suit and call himself Shinra. (2822 words.)

2822 words and lots of crossover goodness. You barely even need to know Luck!

Luck knows he's already waited more than enough lifetimes to be what they are. )
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Oh god I am never going to finish my challenges jfjla NOW FOR SPRINGKINK--

Title: Crossed Out
Characters: Zack, Tseng
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Hello, major spoilers and alternate ending AU! Written for no_true_pair over at IJ, prompt being: Zack/Tseng, captivity scenario (kidnapping, prison guard/inmate, etc). Sits sort-of-all-right in my strange Zack-and-Tseng series-like thing.
Summary: The Turks found Zack; perhaps it would've been better that the Army'd killed him where he'd stood.

1269 words of gen written in a crazed post-exam, post-jetlag haze! \o/

It doesn't matter what has happened; that can always be crossed out. )
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Thy Distant Fire (IJ), Luck/Claire, not worksafe, and so brilliant, because, because laylah is the bestestest and and and hot and good and ee!

And the rest of my week, in graphs:

Words fail me sometimes )


Apr. 11th, 2008 06:32 pm
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no_true_pair crossover prompt list of beautiful insanity, over from the IJ comm and for my own reference. All I can say is that June is going to be one hell of a trip. *g*

Be so bold! )

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