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[personal profile] charlieblue JUST WROTE FOLLOW UP TO I Don't Think You Think I Think About Probability. RUSTY. AND EAMES.

Without You, Ambiguous Backstory Is Nothing
Inception/Ocean's 11; PG 13; 3 500 words; Rusty/Eames, Rusty/Danny



Let me quote things at you so that you will understand what I mean when I say I mean that you must read this fic immediately:

‘So then I told him that if he was so displeased with my services, he was perfectly welcome to take his chances with the luddites.’

‘Luddites?’ Rusty is drowsy and naked, spread across and around five different pillows and a feather-down comforter, warm and flushed, barely enraptured with the story until the strange choice of word.

‘You know, John Henrys, daywalkers, reality rats, old schoolers. You, darling.’ Eames is lying on his stomach, watching the twinkling skyline through the windows. His hair is ruffled and his tattoos fascinate Rusty, who has always had a weakness for permanent things.

Whee, 0TP!

Apr. 28th, 2009 09:09 am
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Prompts are in for No True Pair!

Argaven in this is Argaven from Winter's King, and not the Argaven in Estraven's timeline. \o/ That note would have made sense to maybe 1 person on this flist.

Fandom crossover madness between Final Fantasy VII, Highlander and The Left Hand of Darkness. Strange, so strange, but so beautiful.

A kink round! I am so screwed, pun pun pun. )

If I write even half of the prompts I want, and then write half of those are pr0n for real, I'll still more than double the total amount of sex I've ever written! :D :D
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[livejournal.com profile] ellnyx and I were talking [livejournal.com profile] nasdack, and in between lots of guilty feelings and a lot of random conversational tidbits, she provided this prompt: Balthier/Tseng/Rufus - inversion of roles/ceremony - love came in accordance with what he promised, and not only out of gratitude. And lo, I have written something:

~900 words. Tseng/Rufus/Balthier. Very soft R.

Tseng doesn't offer any explanation when Rufus looks at him in askance. 'I'm sorry we're late,' he says instead. )

THEN SOMEHOW, TENTACLES GOT MENTIONED. Mayhap it is because shoe-kink still is unfathomable to Nyx, she instead jumps forward towards tentacles:

(12:13:58 AM) nyx: b/t/r, TENTACLE SEX
(12:14:00 AM) K: OKAY
(12:14:02 AM) K: YOU ARE ON
(12:14:16 AM) nyx: NO NONO
(12:14:24 AM) K: YES YES YES?
(12:14:45 AM) nyx: YES
(12:14:52 AM) K: SUCKERS

Now that I have ascertained that this is NOT MY FAULT, I am here to enable. Here we go, tentacle porn. Or, uh, the closest I could get to it, anyway. NOT BRAIN SAFE. NOT HEAD SAFE. It's almost work safe. BUT IT HAS TENTACLES. FOR [livejournal.com profile] nasdack VERSE. If that doesn't warn you, NOTHING WILL! I blame the meds and 350am! CAVEAT LECTOR.

[edit] NOW KNOWN AS:


Warnings for squick! ~900 words. R. Tseng, Rufus, Balthier/DRUG PRODUCING TENTACLE MONSTER.

Crack, tentacles, and, uh, yeah. Crack and tentacles. )


I think it is fair warning to direct readers to the copy of this post on nasdack, where, in the comments, Nyx illustrates how she is 2000 times crazier than I am.
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IT'S ANOTHER ONE. I cannot believe that I now have a tag for strange politifigure dreams. I swear that [livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama comes to me in my sleep and haunts me, because this time, guys, it was even weirder than the original.


What the hell? is the phrase I have repeated to myself the most this last half an hour of waking. What the hell?

I'm not even sure I can turn this particular mad dream into fic this time.

Oh God/[livejournal.com profile] charlie_d_blue/[livejournal.com profile] evercourant/[livejournal.com profile] two_if_by_sea/[livejournal.com profile] regicidaldwarf, SAVE ME FROM MYSELF
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MY DREAMSCAPE IS FANFICTION LAND, I swear. Okay, let's recap some basic facts about my life here:

  1. I'm not American
  2. I've been away from serious [livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama stuff for a good long time

SO, BRAIN, DO TELL ME WHY I dreamt last night that - no lie - of the following:

The year is some-time-after-the-Election. For reasons that are already slipping my memory, people are being silly. I head down to a junkyard to see pre-November-4th newspaper spreads of Palin getting blown up by some pretty crazy people.

Suddenly (and I shit you not), the White House Van draws up. )

And then I wake up, and decide that this dream is probably better than fic, if you just search-replace the word "I" in this entry with "Jon" or "Stephen" or "Anderson" or any other persona of choice. Now the question is - to inflict this on [livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama (I'm looking at you, [livejournal.com profile] evercourant, [livejournal.com profile] two_if_by_sea, [livejournal.com profile] charlie_d_blue, LOOK WHAT YOU GUYS HAVE DONE TO ME. I can't even WITHDRAW from fandom, it sort of follows me home and asks me to look after it!11!) and accuse them of my ills, or to go book myself a spot in a mental institution, hm...
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During A Knight's Tale DVD commentary:

Brian (Director): [commenting on Heath Ledger's character getting his arm relocated and a rub-down by Paul Bettany at the same time] Again, you're giving him kind of a rubdown while his shoulder's dislocated - I'm not sure that's, uh, medically correct.

Paul: Ah, uh, no. I just like to give men rubdowns when they dislocate any... any bit of them, really.

On Rufus Sewell's "live sex" parties:

Brian: ... troubadours.

Paul: Troubadours used to sing songs about... sex, actually.

Brian: In fact, at the bottom of Rufus' flat, there'd be troubadours to welcome you and sing songs about past visitors.

Before a potential sex scene:

Paul: I think now it's evident that they're about to f-- play chess, or dominoes.

Regarding a line:

Brian: "Revelling the night"; that doesn't happen very much any more, does it? No, unless it's in Rufus' apartment in Prague.

Paul: There was a lot of revelling.

Brian: And I think when Rufus rides up and says "committing the oldest sins in the newest ways", he knows what he's talking about.

Heath's character: As promised you before, you will look up at it from the flat of your back.

Paul: See, another tempting opportunity for a double entendre, and not taken - Brian, I'm ashamed of you.

Regarding Rufus' character getting to Heath's:

Paul: Yes, he's getting under Heath's skin just like herpes might.

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Every once in a while, I decide to inflict upon myself the non-duty of doing something with my non-skill in non-art. I suck at it, and yet I do it. :D I blame the genius of people like [livejournal.com profile] dnatio_memoriae and [livejournal.com profile] pere_chan, who both make me feel like picking up the stylus and TORMENTING YOU PEOPLE TO RETINAL DEATH. Oh, an [livejournal.com profile] regicialdwarf, whose dance playlist kept me sane. Ish. Sanish.

Full version, in case you dare to go where angels blah blah blah )
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Strange Untitled Stockmarket!AU

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy XII/The Stock Exchange
Rating: PG-99
Characters: Balthier/Tseng, Tseng/Rufus
Summary: Tseng's in New York, Balthier's in London, and Rufus is in the sky as the world burns around them. Hedging on futures can be such tricky things.
Functional explanation: It's all [livejournal.com profile] logistika_nyx's fault. A good chunk of this belongs to her, adapted to fit the situation and tense. You can read the original crack-ery here to see precisely which bits. Nyx: I apologise. Profusely. But probably not profusely enough.

Mostly, this is just a trader!AU: in which Tseng and Balthier make money on the gone-to-shit stock markets of our world. And Rufus waggles his eyebrows a bit. Hooray!

2425 words and oh, such a hell I am going to for this. Beware un-beta'd tense shifts!

'Are you an optimist?' Balthier would say into the receiver, when Tseng picked up. )
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In less capslocky news, I highly encourage all bored/blocked out writers and/or artists on the flist to head on over to IJ to participate in Kinkfest or in Porn Battle. Both very fun communities, and the former is chock full of really, really awesome writers and readers.

People also encouraged to leave their addresses for Christmas cards &c. in the post below this one. Just sayin'. 8D


Jul. 5th, 2008 12:38 am
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Five minutes ago it was 630pm.


Also, I know you guys are all sick of hearing about this, but another small pimp note for [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry: am offering subdomain web hosting for a year, if anyone's interested! \o/

Need to start doing stuff. But what. Oh man. Just want to sleep. Sleep more. SLEEP MORE.

[edit] And happy belated Independence Day, Americans! Uh. Belated from this side of the world, anyway.
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So. I haven't written anything in ages, I have an exam tomorrow, my brains are falling out of my ears, and 0TP on IJ starts up a new week worth of prompts. So I look at the list, and in my caffeine high, it strikes me that no one ever said I couldn't write Epic Poetry (TM) for 0TP, right?

Right. If you're expecting my usual. Um. Well. I apologise sincerely to fans of both Final Fantas VII and Baccano! alike. I tried to think of a good one. This is all my brain gave me. D8

Title: A Tale of Two Turks
Fandom: Baccano!/Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Luck and Tseng
Rating: PG13
Warnings: The prompt was: Tseng and Luck as the main characters in a fairy tale. Crack, anachronisms and rhyming couplets. Think old school Will Smith rap while you read. Yes. Yes.
Summary: Tseng and Luck in a quest for Shinra and the Greater Good.

666 (-111) words and god I am going to hell. I have no excuse, except that maybe I have an exam in 9 hours ahksafjlsf.

[edit] Now with more accurate rhyming metre!

A fairy tale in 15 stanzas. )


Jun. 17th, 2008 11:49 pm
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Every once in a while, when I'm really stressed, I get the urge to inflict great pain upon both myself and my flist, and so I draw. 8D (Hai remembar them old ones, [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf, [livejournal.com profile] guingel?)

First JE thing I've done in a while, but hey, pretty boys are there to sit still and be painted. Photoshop crashed, what, 18 times during this sketch? :D And so I kind of gave up on anything elaborate. Click on the cut only if you can afford to lose your retinas.

1 hour sketch of Hatachi!Tsubasa. I am going to hell.

Tsubasa, I apologise deeply, but don't really regret maiming you. )


Jun. 14th, 2008 11:50 pm
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Would anyone be interested in doing an exchange of a megahuge recs list of the fics that have pushed our brains in the direction they currently go in? The internets is huge and scary, and finding good stuff is so hard and no, I'm not being shamelessly lazy, just... :D :D :D
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Mmm, ficspam. Working on everything that I'm not meant to be working on, as usual.

[edit] Because I have no willpower whatsoever: Rufus/Tseng porn. Tseng's going to have one hell of a laundry bill.

Personal ref of random blabbery ideas for the prompts I've got left to do \o/ ENGLISH IS NOT A LANGUAGE THAT I CAN SPREAK. Go ahead. Comment. I DARE YOU. )

Also, Iron Man fic rec of major amazingness: The Value of Secrets by Maya Tawi. Jarvis/Tony Stark. You know you want to.

Meanwhile, a FMA/Final Fantasy VII drabble of mine on IJ, linked to avoid 242904 Posts of Death on your flist. Zack and Hawkeye and dogs. Yes, dogs.

And then the real post:

Title: When The World Ends
Fandom: Baccano!/Ocean's 11
Characters: Claire; Rusty, Luck, Danny and Linus cameos
Rating: PG
Warnings: Crossover written for the No True Pair challenge over at IJ; prompt being: Rusty and Claire: it's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. Genfic is the way to go, because I fail at plot and all that other cool stuff. D:
Summary: Playing poker until Armageddon.

2192 words and the epic failure of plot!sense. \o/

Time for an old man to get to bed. )
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Just decided to take a break today on the writing front; I'm so braindead from coming home, doing an exam and then rushing three challenge fics that I blew off a Springkink deadline. I think I'll feel guilty about that, but not until tomorrow morning. 8D

Just a bit of meta-rambling about the last three months or so of fic )
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Oh god I am never going to finish my challenges jfjla NOW FOR SPRINGKINK--

Title: Crossed Out
Characters: Zack, Tseng
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Hello, major spoilers and alternate ending AU! Written for no_true_pair over at IJ, prompt being: Zack/Tseng, captivity scenario (kidnapping, prison guard/inmate, etc). Sits sort-of-all-right in my strange Zack-and-Tseng series-like thing.
Summary: The Turks found Zack; perhaps it would've been better that the Army'd killed him where he'd stood.

1269 words of gen written in a crazed post-exam, post-jetlag haze! \o/

It doesn't matter what has happened; that can always be crossed out. )


Jun. 6th, 2008 07:42 am
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*collapses into pile*

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Paranoid parents give me hives, so I'm hiding out in my toilet and writing fic before I leave. :D I love the power of wireless internet.

Looks like I won't/don't have time to write out a full Reno/Tseng/Rufus story (yet), so I'm contenting myself with mashing out a few hundred unconnected words and hoping that inspiration will hit me for this (and the thousand other things I owe various challenges) when I get back home.

Hello, major Crisis Core, Before Crisis and Last Order spoilers, nice to meet you and your canon-based friends. )

Mmm, that totally sucked. 8D Hopefully something less pathetic and drabble-like will come when I get back from abroad. Until then, I'll be gone from now till around the 6th of June. Bye bye!
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ajslkfajslf after a week of hell, I finally am now able to sleep > 4 hours a day and and oh god it's a public holiday tomorrow and I am just going to snooze and and and ♥ to having (something) of a life again!

To all the people who've commented in the last week - I'm sorry guys, life totally ate me, will get round to replying and stuff asap, and to uploading things, especially Lucifer for [livejournal.com profile] logistika_nyx okay passing out now
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Update on lyfe, the universe and everything:

% My brain is officially dead-on-vacation and ignoring the exams-that-are-fast-upon-me.

% Rewatching Ghost in the Shell was the best idea I had all year. Solid State Society left me screaming with happy tears of confused but determined joy. Oh, Togusa. ♥ You're so shiny when you're trying to take control of your own life and everyone elses', and all at the same time, too!

On the same note, listening to the English dubs makes me want to cry. Y-y-y-you turned Saito, the worlds most squishy, prickly, poker-winning silent sniper voiced by Toru Okawa (Roy Mustang, Rufus Shinra) into some squeaky adolescent boy! Batou's voice has been put through a cheese shredder! Aramaki sounds like a disgruntled ape*!

*more than he's usually allowed to, too!

Some pretty pretty Solid State pictures because nghghgh (rollover, mice, rollover!):

% Final Fantasy Tactics make me scream too, but in less life-affirming ways. God damned chocobos mutter mutter mutter.

% Anyone know a good place for iconsesses? I do need some new ones, oh yes I do.

% The internet is made for distractions. All this time, I've thought that the alt tag used in coding for images was used as a "tooltip" mouse-rollover-description-thingy and as the alternate text shown if you disabled images in your browser. NOT SO. Apparently, IE - in all its infinite wisdom - confused the two. "Alt" tags should be used only as a text shown when images are disabled - tooltips should be written under a title tag. NEVER KNEW THAT.

Firefox, however HTML compliant, unfortunately truncates tooltips, so my insane rants up on the images above can't be seen. D: Workarounds: install this plugin or just right click and view. :D People who read XKCD should know. *g*

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