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With the irrational fuel of a human being forced to be pulled, like the tides, by the moon, I shall do this today:

[] Code [personal profile] sister_coyote's layout for LJ/IJ/DW
[] Write a triple bill across VII/Batman Beyond/Gundam Wing, jotting down ideas and random thoughts and Anger At The World on the etherpad, if you want to watch me work and point fingers/laugh.
[] Code up fic and archive it on And More Slow
[x] Read Estraven and quietly rock back and forth in my chair; the local news and the consciousness of the world makes me want to stand up and write and I am so afraid, somedays, of what-will-be-will-be. "Screw this, when I grow up I want to be like Rusty Ryan."

Also, fic writers/readers, what is your favourite font to read in, and what size?

I have recently been overcome with the strangest and most irrational love for Segoe UI, which is, yeah. Thanks, Microsoft.
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1. I spend more time writing [livejournal.com profile] nasdack than I spend on self-preservation. Coming soon, guys, and I mean really soon. Soon with bricks. And ACME dynamite.

2. No True Pair (go sign up, guys!), why am I so messed up for you?

1. FFVII - Reeve
2. FFVII - Tseng
3. The Left Hand of Darkness - Estraven
4. Highlander - Methos (AHAHAHAHAHHA I'm screwed)
5. FFXII - Jules (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm even more screwed!)
6. Leverage - Eliot Spencer
7. Batman - Dick Grayson
8. Discworld - Moist van Lipwig

3. Charity Ho: Batman is self-writing itself. It's just that my fingers are writing it very slowly. *strokes it* It will be beautiful, precioussssss.

4. Charity Ho: Left Hand of Darkness. I feel like a kid in a candy store. A really non-diabetic, excited-to-see-candy kind of kid. Estraven makes me caveat everything.

5. Only ACC would make me want to write Kadaj fic, but now I do. Now I do.

6. And Geostigma kink fic.

7. And fics about highways.
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Finally took a day or so to do nothing but indulge myself - between coming fast and hard off the exams and straight into soul-eating fic, I decided not to write another few chapters and just to laze around and be human for a little while. Still feeling kind of twitchy; my body wants me to do stuff, even though my mind is telling me firmly to back off.

She has a life, does she? )

Here, have a few guilty pleasure listening songs:

Miley Cyrus - See You Again

This song is so hilariously teeny-bopper, but also hilariously catching, if you ignore Miley Cyrus' self-insert into the lyrics. It's my private Stephanie!song, for the Batfans on the flist. Somehow it sparks a little of young!AU!Elena, for the FFVII people. God, pop.

The last time I freaked out
I just kept looking down
St-st-st-stuttered when you asked me what I'm thinking 'bout

Smashing Pumpkins - The End is the Beginning is the End

For the Batfans: Yoinked right off the Batman and Robin soundtrack, this track makes me think of Jason Todd, Dick gone wrong and Timothy logically extended. It's a frightening Gotham. For the VII fans: dude, this is like. Midgar slums +++++ I write angry Tseng and think of this fondly.

Is it bright where you are?
Have the people changed?
Does it make you happy; you're so strange.

[edit] Bugger. Pornbattle on IJ just decided to buttonsmash me. Potentials:

Batman Beyond, Bruce/Terry, family
Batman Beyond, Bruce/Terry, time-travel

DC Comics, Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, ward
DC comics, Dick Grayson/Tim Drake, bonded

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Considering that I will be shoving the remainder of my philosophy syllabus down my own throat tomorrow in addition to the, um, Ambitious Fic Plan.

So, the to-do list for the new morning:

- Lots of studying
- Triple Bill consisting of

a) writing three fics
b) posting three fics
c) straddling three fandoms.

Mmm, I love how ideas come at the worst of times, and during examination season, to boot.

Triple Bill #1: Batman

Will hopefully break the four thousand word barrier and not leave me dead; continuation of the current arc, with huge smack-in-face guest appearances and a lot of Terry being Terry being Terry.

Triple Bill #2: Final Fantasy VII

Because just when you think you can't write for it without inspiration, inspiration hits: more Tseng fic, this time with creepy scientists and a lot of Creepy Tseng. Kind of. Sort of.

Triple Bill #3: Baccano!

Sending myself right back to hell with this one; playing with Claire and... stuff.

Feel free to scream at me a lot tell me which one ought to come first; mostly I just want to do something during my break hours that don't involve plucking my eyeballs out and/or major depression.

I wish I were not a student; then I could write fic all day and also earn some income, if only to augment my stupid and petty desire to buy more icon space.

I am shallow, like a frozen-over Pacific Ocean.

[edit] And then, sneakily browsing the flist, I discover pointless feel-good memes, which are good for everyone who chooses to play! \o\ I'll do you if you do me mmm mindless punning at one in the morning.

Snaps Cup Meme


Jun. 16th, 2008 06:04 pm
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a) failing at life is my major past time
b) I feel kinda sad (real life, why art thou real?)
c) my life is a dark abyss etc due to strange reasons involving the sudden and abrupt loss of important academic documents


I post short, kinda substandard drabblefic lugged in over from IJ. Sorry, guys. Bad week. Too stressed to write anything real. My sendspace account also chose this brilliant moment to bite the dust, leaving me sad and DDDDDDDDDD: Hooray, Murphy! \o/


Ladd Russo: the sickness/the symptoms )

Luck Gandor: I need a taste of what it's like )

Final Fantasy VII

Elena: We'll kill one of yours )

Final Fantasy XII

Balthier: friendly fire )

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