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Now that work has ended, life is getting pretty peachy -- I've written one thing, drafted a whole bunch of others, am pretty sure that I'll be meeting my fic/draft-a-day personal helldeadline and the sun has come out for the first time in weeks to roast my holidaying skin!

At the back of my head is the silent, screaming terror that says I'm going back to school in less than a fortnight. I'm ignoring it in favour of my spiffy new room and state of new-found doing-things-dom. 8D 8D

Happily, I've managed to read more than one book this break, which puts the list at:

Jean RhysWide Sargasso Sea
Gustav FlaubertMadame Bovary
Kawabata YusunariPalm of the Hand Stories
Milan KunderaThe Unbearable Lightness of Being
Philip PullmanThe Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ
William GoldingLord of the Flies

Which is really not bad, all things considered! I feel like I've under-read (things still on the list: Steinbeck's East of Eden (wailvoice); Murakami's The Wind-up Bird Chronicle (MEGAWAIL); all of my philosophy reading?!), but at the same time it's the most fiction-for-leisure I've read in a long number of years. ♥ ♥ *burbles hearts*

Wide Sargasso Sea I'd always been meaning to read; one of those things where the title was attractive in and of itself. Didn't know how out of the loop I'd be for not having read Jane Eyre, but uh, shame on me! The opening line = /o/ \o\.

Philip Pullman was interesting for how much it echoes, reverses, builds up on existing translations of the Bible. Proof that some lines just stick?

Golding was the hardest to read of the lot. Not because it's The Lord of the Flies, but because his lyricism would throw me off like a suddenly spooked horse.

In other news, getting more design-y by the day; looking forward to some coding and drafting in the near 72 hours!

p.s: apologies for the <abbr> overkill. 8D
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So, who's the crazy person who has decided to give as many people on the flist a present as she can? I AM! *BEAMS* In the spirit of the new year and attempting to kick my ass back into action. I've taken what prompts you guys have given me over the last however-many-times-I-decided-to-click-previous-entries, and have spun what I can. Happy new year! ♥ from this side of the universe.

[livejournal.com profile] dnatio_memoriae generously donated her art skillz for a couple of these, and may be contributing more in the morning! IS THE WORLD NOT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE. OH YES, IT IS. ♥

numinicious - Lucifer (Lucifer, postcard) )

dnatio_memoriae: Baccano! (Luck, Claire, writing on the wall) )

white_jenna: Final Fantasy VII (Tseng, cocktail napkin) )

muse_lightning: nasdack FFVII AU (Tseng, Elena, post-its) )

knightlineninja: Cowboy Bebop (Spike, short letter) )

voksen: Baccano! (Czes, longhand letter) )

logistika_nyx: nasdack AU (Elena/Tseng: he's full of wishful thinking) )

misura: nasdack AU (Dark Nation, Rufus) )

If you feel you have been deprived a present, feel free to dump a prompt of any sort on me! After all, Chinese New Year (ha! coming from me, least traditional of people!) lasts a good long while, technically! :D Right now I am going to lean back in my seat and let my eyes explode for a while. ♥
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I come home and I'm exhausted after a day of eating too much food and walking too much and talking too much to friends I haven't seen in too long and I'm about to pass out from doing too much and then I find peace(ish) in the Middle East and electronic tripping (of the short circuiting variety) and the flist writing RPS and prompts in my inbox and what the hell, I am amazed by the universe, the universe is an amazing place.


Internets. What would I be without you? Oh, flist, my flist.
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This is me attempting to find a life/fandom balance. 8DDD

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Hi guys

Jul. 15th, 2008 09:19 pm
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Just wanted to say that I love my flist. ♥ Thank you for all the oosh-ing and support, and REST ASSURED THAT ONCE I STUFF ALL THE KNOWLEDGE I NEED INTO MY HEAD and get the next two major round of exams (September! Eep!) over and done with, I will be back and spamming you mightily.

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