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Horrendously out of date. Your best bet is AO3.

Fandoms: American Gods -- Baccano! -- Batman (DCU) -- Batman Beyond (DCAU)-- DCU -- Discworld -- Fakenews (RPF)* -- Final Fantasy VII -- Final Fantasy XII -- Good Omens* -- Gundam Wing -- Inception -- Iron Man (movie)* -- The Left Hand of Darkness -- Naruto -- Ocean's 11 -- Star Trek XI -- JE (RPS)* -- The Silmarillion/Lord of the Rings (* = inactive fandoms)

American Gods


In Symbols (Backstory; 1800 words)
Two Man Con (Backstory; sequel to In Symbols, 5395 words)


I Met A Man (Save Me) (Crossover with Baccano!, Luck/Djinn; 832 words)



Family Rites (Gandors and company; speculative; 6405 words)
Growing Up Is Still The Most Fun That You Will Ever Have (Claire and the Gandors; 2154 words)
When The World Ends (Claire, Luck, Ocean's 3; crossover with Ocean's 11; 2192 words)
To Come, And Go (Luck/Claire, Claire/Chane; 1877 words)
All Across Manhattan (Claire, Gandors; 2194 words)


Gandor drabbles (Gandor family and adoptives, 166 words; Claire/Luck, 261 words)
Claire and limousines (Futurefic; 635 words)
Claire and Mazikeen (Lucifer crossover; AU, 716 words)
Some Kinda Monster (Luck/Claire past!fic; 547 words)

Batman (DCU)


Teleological (Bruce, on Dick; 468 words)
I trust the sanity of my vessel (Dick, Bruce, Tim cameo; 1330 words)
Said the Spider to the Fly (Dick, Bruce, mutant AU; 2135 words)

Series: Pauper!AU:

This insubstantial pageant faded (Dick, Bruce; 4447 words)
Runs In The Family (Dick, Jason, Bruce, Selina-cameo; 4907 words)

Series-like drabbles - Better Dead Than Lead:

Gold is just a trick of the light (Dick, Terry, Batman Beyond crossover; 1213 words)
And lead is light as a feather (Bruce, Dick, Terry; 4746 words)
So leave me where the kids are all right (Bruce, Dick, Terry; 5104 words)


Tim hits 18 (Tim, Bruce, hints of Tim/Dick; 736 words)
One Time Dick Grayson Was Not A Good Man (Dick/Kory, Dick/Babs, Dick/Bruce; 469 words)

Batman Beyond


Living Through The Living (Bruce, Terry; 1454 words)
Dressed (Terry, Bruce; non-auto Batman AU; 4078 words)

Series-like drabbles - Counting Down The Hours:

If I told you I felt ageless (Bruce, Terry, post Out of the Past; 1241 words)
Would you tell me I'm not old? (Bruce, Terry, rooming problems; 926 words)
I went looking for some writing (Bruce, Terry, mentions Dick, genealogy lessons; 1440 words)
That I knew would not be there (Bruce\Terry, slashy gen training; 1458 words)



Inefficiency (Tim/Roy, Bruce and Dick cameos; 1434 words)



Merely A Sweeper (Lu Tze, Abbot, post Thief of Time; 1300 words)
Awhile Together (Vetinari/Death, gen; 686 words)
Colours (Vetinari, Moist, post Making Money; 2111 words)


Rule One (Vimes, Vetinari, Lu Tze cameo; 246 words)
Ho ho ho (Vetinari; 193 words)

Fakenews (Daily News, Colbert Report, AC360, American Politics?!)

disclaimer: none of this stuff is meant to infringe on any human rights or anything. all writing is fictional; the characters are characters inspired by real-life people - any similarities are coincidental; please don't sue me &c.


Anderson Cooper/Rahm Emanuel (Rahm Emanuel picks up Anderson Cooper; 2780 words)
Take Me To The Liberalmediagame (Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper, Rahm Emanuel; 2452 words)
All's Fair in War and, Well. Mostly Just War. (Anderson Cooper, Rahm Emanuel, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert; 2192 words)
Between the Devil And - (Anderson Cooper, Rahm Emanuel, Jon Steward, Stephen Colbert, Obamanation; 18,000 words)
We, the people (Rahm, Anderson, various other White House people; 2329 words)

Final Fantasy VII


Fact of the Matter (Tseng, Zack; Crisis Core timeline, 1255 words)
Prodigal (Lazard, Reeve; Crisis Core timeline, 1209 words)
Surveillance Duty (Cissnei, Aerith, Tseng; Crisis Core timeline, 1121 words)
School Days (Tseng, Rufus, Reeve cameo; college students AU, humour, 2393 words)
Elevator Action (Tseng, Rufus, Lazard; Crisis Core timeline, 2749 words)
Survivor: Icicle Inn (Tseng/Rufus, Reno cameo; reality show AU, humour, 3139 words)
Empery (Tseng; empire AU, 6756 words)
Beyond Good, Or: Evil (Tseng, Rufus, Reno cameo; battling the Devil AU, aarrgh, 4899 words)
Outward From Midgar (Tseng/Lucifer; small town AU, crossover with Lucifer, 5141 words)
Tradition (Elena/Tseng; written for Springkink, 1408 words)
New Men (Luck/Tseng/Rufus; Luck-as-Turk AU, crossover with Baccano!, 2822 words)
Autumn Has Departed (Tseng, Rufus cameo; Advent Children timeline with Crisis Core contents; 1527 words)
A Tale of Two Turks (Luck, Tseng; crack, epic poetry, crossover with Baccano!, 666 words)
Growing Pains (Veld/Tseng, past!fic; 5507 words)
Different Country for Different Men (Vincent/Veld, past!fic; 1384 words)
Flip (Tseng, Kadaj, Veld and Rufus cameos; AC fill-in, 2392 words)
To Pay Dearly (Tseng, Hojo; pre-AC fill-in, 1062 words)
Dark City Lights (Tseng/Reno, random smut; 1111 words)
In intervening years (Tseng, Rufus, after dropping the Plate; 1512 words)
O Brother (Rufus, Lazard, AC-CC tie-in; 1414 words)
Year One (Reeve, Veld, Lazard, Tseng, Rufus; CC-BC tie-in; 7575 words)

Series - Stockmarket AU: (with [profile] logistika_nyx)

Remixed new canon:

All over at [community profile] nasdack

Is that a trust fund in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? (Stockmarket AU, Rufus/Tseng/Balthier in combinations; 2558 words)
Some Things You Can't Buy, For Everything Else There's The Theoretical Joint Bunansa-Shinra Empire (6907 words)
Or, How Tseng Teaches Us To Stop Worrying And Love The Platinum Credit Card (8988 words)

Entropy, And Financial Fantasy (Rufus re-negotiates, post-original canon; 2529 words)
Signal to Noise (Rufus and Tseng, at the beginning of Chicago; 1176 words)

Old canon:

Strange Untitled Stockmarket!AU (Crossover with FFXII, Tseng/Balthier, Tseng/Rufus; 2425 words)
(...) Theoretical Joint Bunansa-Shinra Empire (Tseng/Balthier, Tseng/Rufus; 2636 words)

Series - Restorations:

Restorations I (Tseng, Rufus, Reeve, Wutai, Midgar; after-Midgar AU, 2410 words)
Restorations Interlude I (Rufus, Tseng and Reeve cameos; 2657 words)
Restorations II (Tseng, Rufus, Turks; 1667 words)
Restorations Interlude II (Tseng, Veld, Rufus; 2197 words)


Country Boy (Zack, Tseng cameo; Crisis Core timeline, 1177 words)
The Necessary (Tseng; roughly Crisis Core timeline, 1929 words)
Dark Places (Tseng/Zack; roughly Crisis Core timeline, 1290 words)

Cream and Bastards (Tseng, Zack; Crisis Core timeline, 2768 words)
Back at del Sol (Tseng, Zack; Crisis Core timeline, drabble; 882 words)

Crossed Out (Tseng, Zack; Crisis Core timeline, alternate ending AU, 1269 words)

A July Day (Some People Know Too Much) (Zack, Tseng; 2185 words)


Tseng, Reno drabbles (Reno on Tseng, 634 words; Tseng and initiation, 836 words)
East of Eden (Cissnei and Tseng on Zack; 465 words)
Hapless SOLDIERs (Third Class) A, B and C discuss SOLDIER, First Class (cracky Crisis Core humour; 3 random OCs)
Wings; Rookie (Wings: Reno, Balthier, 794 words; Rookie: Elena+Tseng, Elena+Reno, 1595 words)
Don't Say (Reno, 959 words)
5 Times Tseng Did Interesting Negotiations (Tseng/Rufus, a thousand cameos; 1252 words)
Rufus/Tseng porn battle bits (plotless Tseng/Rufus porn, 761 and 613 words)
Honorifics (Veld/Tseng, early!Tseng; 1115 words)
Young Ones (Lazard, Reeve, guest appearance by Veld; 1200ish words)

Final Fantasy XII


Make as much of me as gentry (Ffamran, Cid backstory; 1013 words)


(Reins of History Arc - discontinued)

Part 1 (Balthier and sky pirates; 1536 words)
Part 2 (Balthier and Archadians; 2292 words)


Balthier and a Jaguar (AU; 481 words)

Good Omens


Passing Time (Crowley, Aziraphale; written for Springkink, arrgh, 1048 words)

Gundam Wing


The Old Lie (Zechs, Treize, pastfic; 1984)

Passover (Zechs; 5651 words)

Iron Man (movie)


Tony and Jarvis (1102 words)



I Don't Think You Think I Think About Probability (Cast; Ocean's 11 crossover; 4822 words)

The Left Hand of Darkness


Once, In Estre (Therem/Arek; 512 words)
Shadows Cast Behind You (Therem in the kemmerhouse; 733 words)
Other Kinds of Men (Therem/Arek backstory; 2966 words)
Come Out of Kerm Land (Therem/Ashe backstory; 1670 words)



Felicity on the Far Side
Doing It ANBU (Sai; Kakashi, Yamato, cast; futurefic, 7975 words)

Series: To strive, to serve

Handling [1] [2] (Kakashi)

Ocean's 11 (and derivatives)


Making Family (Claire, Danny; crossover with Baccano!, au; 1528 words)
youth: a heartbreakingly schmoopy work of staggering genius (Danny, Rusty, backstory; 596 words)

Star Trek XI


To The Enterprise: of Warp Barriers, Captains, and Other Scary Things (Chekov, Scotty, Kirk, Spock; 2734 words)
New, and Stumbling Forward (Spock, Pike & crew; 2508 words)
Mind Bullets (Kirk, Bones, Pike; 6017 words)



J-sports, 2003 (Okada/Go)
Poporo Shoot, 2007 (Takki/Tsubasa)
Cat's Eye (Okada, Sho)
Road Trip (V6)
Far Away (Tsuyoshi/Koichi)


Dome (Okada)
Countdown (Takkitsuba, Nagase/Koichi/Tsuyoshi)
Growing Up Okada (Okada-centric, V6)

The Silmarillion/The Lord of the Rings


Reunification (Elrond, mentions Gil-Galad, Glorfindel; 1700 words) [Yuletide NYR08]