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(post of seriousness) Growing up + growing wiser

Interceding into fandom time - caveat lector for discussions on race and identity!

A while back ago, good people put up the 2nd Asian Women Blog Carnival, and called for submissions. The AWBC is an awesome thing! Around that time - slightly earlier - I'd put up a few personal thinky-thoughts posts at [livejournal.com profile] bromatheon, one of which was a product of a discussion my brother and I had. It's a very emotionally confusing post even for me, and I tried to put down as much of what had been said verbatim in my attempts to understand my brother's view. The good charity and will of my friends saw that post (and one other) getting sent to the AWBC - I didn't know about it until after, but I was totally cool with it either way. ♥

Unfortunately I am a silly eggchick - in an attempt to round of the post and get a better night's sleep at the end of it, I stepped way too much in the opposite direction and drew conclusions that have turned out to hurt and offend others. Even after I realised that the post had gone on to a larger forum, I didn't go back to read through it and make proper comment. colorblue (DW) wrote explaining how that post was an example of intra-racial whitewashing. Our host, the good oyceter, also made a post afterwards bringing up how the post outlined my POV but, in the process of doing so, blindsided other people's POVs.

I'm very grateful that these posts were made calling my thoughts out - and again I would like to extend my apologies for having made posts so unthinkingly. My intentions may have been in place but the results of my thinking, when logically drawn out, prove to be shortsighted and damaging.

Thanks to these thoughts and many good friends, I've spent some time and a few more words trying to learn from this and grow. ♥ Ergo this sort-of follow up, sort-of new-ground covering post at [profile] bromatheon.

Once more, my deepest apologies to anyone my earlier post may have offended, and I take full responsibility for it, and my attempts at trying to grow up a better person.
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I have a lot of respect for your apologizing and trying to learn and make amends.