karanguni: (Alex KRAPANOS)
K ([personal profile] karanguni) wrote2009-06-28 12:24 am

Dear Alex &co:

It's 12.16am in the morning; Franz are once again the be-all end-all of my mind and existence. (Feel the Pressure - a remix of What She Came For from the June-released Blood dub-cover-remix of Tonight.)

If I could have filthy, gorgeous sex with Alex K's brain, I would. In an instant. Jesus. I am sorry I ever resisted.

Listen to this track. Feed yourself it intravenously. Inject it into your bloodstream. Turn the lights off. Put the speakers to blast. Then, tomorrow morning, if you have slept at all, go into your nearest record store and buy Blood.

Woah. Look out / you're what she came for
Knows what she came for / no question, no doubt