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K ([personal profile] karanguni) wrote2017-03-27 08:27 pm
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* I bought a tonne of houseplants
* I need to produce: Japanese lessons, some fic
* I am: going to Toronto in a few weeks


Does anyone have prompts for Hikaru no Go, space opera, or porn they would like to see written? Or any random fandom - try me, I want something to occupy me...

especially since I am running again and feel like i have no legs
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[personal profile] yhlee 2017-03-28 02:51 am (UTC)(link)
I'm having stupid bipolar issues but at least I got in some writing and cartooning???

Houseplants! What kind? I have a black thumb so I don't, but my mom can grow ANYTHING in a pot and her apartment is full of houseplants. =)

I hope you have a great time in Toronto!

Space opera prompt: spaceships snarking about the porn their crews watch.
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I am home on a sunny day, drinking tea, and have hurt my knee by running on concrete oops. (Treatment: rest.) May your legs not suffer as much. Magnesium helps for muscle ache, btw.

Space opera prompts... *digs up prompts file* My current mood is Lovecraftian tentacle monsters that lurk in the shadows, so perhaps something involving a protagonist uncovering some ominous ancient aliens who say creepy things like "your victory shall be your defeat" and "you were born but to die"?