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mental health explodes but your boss assures you a many-thousand-dollar raise is coming if you can but HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT(S)
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*support support*
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Yay for understanding bosses!

Yeah, Yuletide is gonna be hard this year!
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I know there are Machineries fanworks and where they show up and how to avoid them discreetly. :) My policy is basically "please don't email me the link to your fic because that's just super awkward for both of us, otherwise have fun!"
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I get lazier every Yuletide. I'm seriously considering only offering one-book-or-five-minute fandoms this year. I am so impressed by people who offer ginormous fandoms but seriously my memory is shit and doing big, long canon review stresses me out and I still have two books to write and a Twine game. :p
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I hope the number of hats you need to hold on to is equal to or less than your number of hands – trying to hold on to two hats with one hand is quite challenging.

(Also, if you're struggling with figuring out something to nom, may I suggest our dear Vorkosigan saga, which based on last year's evidence post and a bit of comparison maths should just squeak in at somewhere between 986 and 988, depending on whether one new thing on FFN was crossposted and the new crossover on FFN is over or under 1k.)
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I replaced one of my nominations [1] with Vorkosigan Saga!

?! Aral Vorkosigan
?! Aral Vorkosigan's First Wife
?! Ges Vorrutyer
?! Alys Vorpatril

Hope others get some other characters in there. :)

[1] It's such a tiny fandom I figure I can try again another Yuletide, as opposed to Vorkosigan pretty much being in its last year. :)
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!!! Thank you! <3 Yeah, Vorkosigan's essentially in its last year – let's see if we can get a nice huzzah that'll bring it out for good.

...ah, someone's already made a comment on the evidence post for this year.
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