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Been busy trying to stay alive at work, sustain a single-income household, and gardening to keep sane. Snipped to death all the greens that were kind of stunted today, and filled with beans and cucumber seeds because I have no idea what to grow under the blasting heat of the midday sun. Something about mad dogs and Englishmen.

God I miss writing.


edit: over and over I have had in my head

My vegetable love should grow
Vaster than empires and more slow;

A lot of poetry recently, including Mary Oliver.
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cute baby padawan learner new hire
i am happy to assist you, i like you a lot
but i am not a dev lead???? so
why are you asking me things that
a dev lead should answer

bb padawan
please learn the magic of
git revert -m
i understand that first argument is scary
fear not:

bb padawan the scary thing is
you are the brightest light in our pod
because people, though smart,
seem to think that merging in
8 feature branches
at twenty-five to the hour
when it takes twenty minutes to build
and we deploy on the hour
is a good

bb padawan take the learning
you are learning
wear it on your back like
luke wore yoda
because one day my son
all this code base will be yours

ps boss
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How tired art thee?
Let me count the ways -

Thou art more tired than a man
Who, in his wisdom,
Doth run in front of a car.

For thou art subject to
Such slings and arrows as
Insomnia, blasted telecommunication
Companies, the wart of public
Transportation and the
Essence of crabby
Middle-aged wives.

For you took the road less trodden
And hence discovered exactly why
Sometimes people don't give a shit.

But now comes bathtime,
And re-reading mail from abroad;
To BLOOD bath, to BATTLE bubbles
AND A RED DAWN And a cold-dripped cup of tea.

Don't ask; when extremely tired, K's brain sometimes fails to operate in prose.

Number One?

Jun. 3rd, 2007 12:19 pm
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Spending my time slacking off, as usual. Different name, same person! At least this will encourage me to think instead of just drivel.

There's something about being in your own house that just makes productivity plunge to record new levels. A house is a home is a place of comfort, not a work cubicle or a desk. Makes me want to sleep/play more Final Fantasy/doodle/sleep/eat/sleep more than think or engage in the slow avalanche of books which is threatening to consume my desk/other desk/mahjong table-cum-desk.


The lights out are brighter
than any other lights
somehow cleaner, clearer, the colours
More authentic
(Even if this is stage(d))

When the lights go out
The darkness it blends itself into
Is somehow
Also darker
And more lonely.

I like stage lights. I wish I'd payed more attention during the time when I was able to learn about all these things; MXes and cycloramas and moving lights and washes and all of that other technical garble that turns into nothing but garble without the massive rigging and the control panels to back it all up.

Where have all my words gone? Somehow I feel tired, even if just a day ago I seemed to have so many things to say or do.

Backstage, In The Wings

Backstage, in the wings,
There is this metal wire mesh
Metal squares with square holes
Just large enough to put my fingers through
To play with before the next spotlight
In the silence and all the bustle around
I put my fingers through and tugged, gently,
The wire mesh beat out, and then went back in,
Enthralled, I did it again
It sounded like a heart.

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A universe of unmapped grief and love
And new master light is beyond
The pleiades and plow and southern stars.

O soaring
Icarus of outworld, burn bright
The traceries of known skymarks,
Slide the highway planets behind
Your clear waxed wings.

Go conquer the everywhere left
Beyond your sad confinement
In a predicted bonehouse,
Witch thrown riddle of flesh
And water.

O soar until nothing
remains but great glittering holes
In the black godspun shirt over your head.

- John Fairfax