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My connection is being crazy, so I apologise to the people whom I was talking with - I JUST GIVE UP, nothing is co-operating!
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Stumbling home this evening, sort of half-blind with tired, I thought to myself: I need a hot bath. Decision made, I sat down with my laptop to unwind, waiting patiently for my water heater to get to work. I read a couple of emails before I realised that my eyes were canvassing words but not meaning. D, Nyx, Pere - I'll get back to you guys when I'm not pulling acts of genius such as waiting half an hour for a water heater I did not switch on.

Exhaustion, your name is fail.
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How tired art thee?
Let me count the ways -

Thou art more tired than a man
Who, in his wisdom,
Doth run in front of a car.

For thou art subject to
Such slings and arrows as
Insomnia, blasted telecommunication
Companies, the wart of public
Transportation and the
Essence of crabby
Middle-aged wives.

For you took the road less trodden
And hence discovered exactly why
Sometimes people don't give a shit.

But now comes bathtime,
And re-reading mail from abroad;
To BLOOD bath, to BATTLE bubbles
AND A RED DAWN And a cold-dripped cup of tea.

Don't ask; when extremely tired, K's brain sometimes fails to operate in prose.


Jan. 28th, 2009 10:23 am
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Slept at 550am. Failed to get up at 8am to send off people who were staying over. Bad K. Now is 1030am. Brilliant day outside, by the looks of it - golden light, lack of climate control, v. little reason to roll out of bed. Grabbing a few hours more sleep before:

[x] reaccumulating and recalculating New Finances (TM)
[x] emailing people I need to email with things that are emails/phone calls
[x] visiting the post office to yibber things off to people
[x] getting new stationery
[x] giving flist its Presents
[] sleeping early and not dying tomorrow

Excitedface here; Tsengfic will be forthcoming over the next few days - I can't believe I haven't written since November, what - and and and stuff. EXCITING, NON DRUNK ON LACK OF SLEEP KINDA STUFF.

*sad* Though, with half the family gone and those guests no longer around and the BF too busy for anything and all the RL people as obsessed with work and getting things right as I am, it's... pretty lonely down here, post-celebrations.
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I may be the only person intelligent enough to realise that I should've posted to say that I'd be realli realli busy before I was realli realli busy and not, say, after. Anyway, am chilling out in cold country; all of fandomy stuff is on sorta-hold (save Yuletide, which is on sorta-panic) until I get homebound. :D :D :D :D Mostly I fear the wrath backlog of [livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama.

Now I go off to write you guys Christmas cards.
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Before I go off to get my ass handed to me again, I shall post. Oh, politics, I'm sorry for beating you up so much. I promise that I'll stop soon. Very soon. Probably.

The good:

- The New York Times writing about how newspapers in the city have been sold out since early this morning. ♥ History, you have been made.

The bad:

- Proposition 8 got passed in California, 52% for, and I've had so much heartbreak over gay rights that right now all I want to do is beat something in. With a fish. A big fish. Like a tuna. That's huge fish.

The pretty:

- From the Yuletide counters: Ursula K Le Guin - the Hainish Cycle (4,9). OH YEAH, BABY. GO, MY CHILDREN, GO FORTH AND PROPOGATE.

The ugly:

- The Kinkfest prompt that the elections ended up rolling over; will probably end up being a few days late OH GOD I AM SORRY asjflka.

The smile:

The Hainish Cycle victory made me remember one of the things about Le Guin's writing that moves my personal philosophy, and keeps me alive in moments in between euphoric victory and relatively crushing defeat. These are the words of a young king, self-exiled, to a plenipotentiary of a union of many worlds:

"The dream of the Ekumen, then, is to restore that truly ancient commonalty; to regather all the peoples of all the worlds at one hearth?"

Axt nodded, chewing bread-apple. "To weave some harmony among them, at least. Life loves to know itself, out to its furthest limits; to embrace complexity is its delight. Our difference is our beauty. All these worlds and the various forms and ways of the minds and lives and bodies on them - together they would make a splendid harmony."

"No harmony endures," said the young king.

"None has ever been achieved," said the Plenipotentiary. "The pleasure is in trying."


Nov. 4th, 2008 07:11 pm
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Things done today:

1) Mathematics paper of great and epic fail
2) Falling increasingly sick

Things to be done today:

1) Nice hot shower
2) Writing for Kinkfest
3) Nice long sleep.

Things to be done tomorrow:

1) Watch Obama bleed the states blue

HOMG SO EXCITED SO EXCITED. Will be in front of telly and refreshing NYTimes 10000 times an hour and I'm not even American!
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There's an ulcer at the back of my cheek, I can barely breathe, and I have a major paper tomorrow. Shoot me dead, plz. Multiple times if necessary.

Alternatively, stick something in this meme thing and make my sad day happyish:

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Have you signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide yet? Because it is my job to inform you that if you do not sign up, you're going to sign up now. :D :D :D :D :D Here, have a convenient direct link to the website!

So exciting so exciting so exciting.

Also, got massacred by philosophy paper. Hooray! Time to weep in a corner and do maths.

\o/ stuff

Oct. 5th, 2008 02:36 pm
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To the fic-readers: you're out of luck for this week month and the next, most likely. D: This house is busy with applications and/or panicking and/or revision, and it is a busy house. Meanwhile, distract yourself with any one of the following:

- the US elections
- the US elections
- or, the US elections

To my to-do list: please get shorter. D: D: D: Remember to: confirm mailing addresses of the people you're sending [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry notebooks to at the end of this month.

5 questions meme )
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Haven't written in so bloody long I actually had to check my previous fics to see what I was supposed to include in my headers. xD This one's really, really, really weird; I don't have the brains to write coherently, so hey, incoherently works too! 8D

Title: Flip
Rating: PG13
Characters: Tseng, Kadaj; Veld and Rufus cameos
Summary: You take torture, and turn it in on itself.
Warnings: Set during AC, when Kadaj does the mysterious "torture thing" to Tseng and Elena. Written for [livejournal.com profile] logistika_nyx as an early not!birthday present, and also for roads_diverged over at IJ. Talk about killing 3 birds with one weirdly shaped pebble.

2392 and super-experimental writing styles, go!

And there was the first time they ever put him in solitary. )
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the 『feel good』 anonymous meme ☆ミ

Make my exam season better? :D /whoring

*rolls around and tries to get back to the books*


Jun. 16th, 2008 06:04 pm
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a) failing at life is my major past time
b) I feel kinda sad (real life, why art thou real?)
c) my life is a dark abyss etc due to strange reasons involving the sudden and abrupt loss of important academic documents


I post short, kinda substandard drabblefic lugged in over from IJ. Sorry, guys. Bad week. Too stressed to write anything real. My sendspace account also chose this brilliant moment to bite the dust, leaving me sad and DDDDDDDDDD: Hooray, Murphy! \o/


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Final Fantasy XII

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