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Naruto fic! After a year of radio silence! *clutches at head* My writing feels like it's gone down the proverbial shitter! More fodder for my quarter-life crisis! /o\

Felicity on the Far Side

Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG
Characters: Kakashi; cameos by ANBU, jounin, a hokage, oh my.
Warnings: Set in the interim between parts I and II.
Summary: When Naruto left, he had been 28, and young enough not to feel old.

1300 words, hopeless K, and floaty canon!

'Are you having a mid-life crisis?' Tsunade asked without preamble, both snide and suspicious. )

[edit:] Am also taking prompts (especially for Naruto!) if anyone has them~
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[livejournal.com profile] ellnyx and I were talking [livejournal.com profile] nasdack, and in between lots of guilty feelings and a lot of random conversational tidbits, she provided this prompt: Balthier/Tseng/Rufus - inversion of roles/ceremony - love came in accordance with what he promised, and not only out of gratitude. And lo, I have written something:

~900 words. Tseng/Rufus/Balthier. Very soft R.

Tseng doesn't offer any explanation when Rufus looks at him in askance. 'I'm sorry we're late,' he says instead. )

THEN SOMEHOW, TENTACLES GOT MENTIONED. Mayhap it is because shoe-kink still is unfathomable to Nyx, she instead jumps forward towards tentacles:

(12:13:58 AM) nyx: b/t/r, TENTACLE SEX
(12:14:00 AM) K: OKAY
(12:14:02 AM) K: YOU ARE ON
(12:14:16 AM) nyx: NO NONO
(12:14:24 AM) K: YES YES YES?
(12:14:45 AM) nyx: YES
(12:14:52 AM) K: SUCKERS

Now that I have ascertained that this is NOT MY FAULT, I am here to enable. Here we go, tentacle porn. Or, uh, the closest I could get to it, anyway. NOT BRAIN SAFE. NOT HEAD SAFE. It's almost work safe. BUT IT HAS TENTACLES. FOR [livejournal.com profile] nasdack VERSE. If that doesn't warn you, NOTHING WILL! I blame the meds and 350am! CAVEAT LECTOR.

[edit] NOW KNOWN AS:


Warnings for squick! ~900 words. R. Tseng, Rufus, Balthier/DRUG PRODUCING TENTACLE MONSTER.

Crack, tentacles, and, uh, yeah. Crack and tentacles. )


I think it is fair warning to direct readers to the copy of this post on nasdack, where, in the comments, Nyx illustrates how she is 2000 times crazier than I am.
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IT'S ANOTHER ONE. I cannot believe that I now have a tag for strange politifigure dreams. I swear that [livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama comes to me in my sleep and haunts me, because this time, guys, it was even weirder than the original.


What the hell? is the phrase I have repeated to myself the most this last half an hour of waking. What the hell?

I'm not even sure I can turn this particular mad dream into fic this time.

Oh God/[livejournal.com profile] charlie_d_blue/[livejournal.com profile] evercourant/[livejournal.com profile] two_if_by_sea/[livejournal.com profile] regicidaldwarf, SAVE ME FROM MYSELF
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MY DREAMSCAPE IS FANFICTION LAND, I swear. Okay, let's recap some basic facts about my life here:

  1. I'm not American
  2. I've been away from serious [livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama stuff for a good long time

SO, BRAIN, DO TELL ME WHY I dreamt last night that - no lie - of the following:

The year is some-time-after-the-Election. For reasons that are already slipping my memory, people are being silly. I head down to a junkyard to see pre-November-4th newspaper spreads of Palin getting blown up by some pretty crazy people.

Suddenly (and I shit you not), the White House Van draws up. )

And then I wake up, and decide that this dream is probably better than fic, if you just search-replace the word "I" in this entry with "Jon" or "Stephen" or "Anderson" or any other persona of choice. Now the question is - to inflict this on [livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama (I'm looking at you, [livejournal.com profile] evercourant, [livejournal.com profile] two_if_by_sea, [livejournal.com profile] charlie_d_blue, LOOK WHAT YOU GUYS HAVE DONE TO ME. I can't even WITHDRAW from fandom, it sort of follows me home and asks me to look after it!11!) and accuse them of my ills, or to go book myself a spot in a mental institution, hm...
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So, who's the crazy person who has decided to give as many people on the flist a present as she can? I AM! *BEAMS* In the spirit of the new year and attempting to kick my ass back into action. I've taken what prompts you guys have given me over the last however-many-times-I-decided-to-click-previous-entries, and have spun what I can. Happy new year! ♥ from this side of the universe.

[livejournal.com profile] dnatio_memoriae generously donated her art skillz for a couple of these, and may be contributing more in the morning! IS THE WORLD NOT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE. OH YES, IT IS. ♥

numinicious - Lucifer (Lucifer, postcard) )

dnatio_memoriae: Baccano! (Luck, Claire, writing on the wall) )

white_jenna: Final Fantasy VII (Tseng, cocktail napkin) )

muse_lightning: nasdack FFVII AU (Tseng, Elena, post-its) )

knightlineninja: Cowboy Bebop (Spike, short letter) )

voksen: Baccano! (Czes, longhand letter) )

logistika_nyx: nasdack AU (Elena/Tseng: he's full of wishful thinking) )

misura: nasdack AU (Dark Nation, Rufus) )

If you feel you have been deprived a present, feel free to dump a prompt of any sort on me! After all, Chinese New Year (ha! coming from me, least traditional of people!) lasts a good long while, technically! :D Right now I am going to lean back in my seat and let my eyes explode for a while. ♥
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But I think that after last week I have absolutely no ability to rest for more than three hours without shooting awake and staring at my phone. I'm dead tired, my eyes are heavy, and I'm still typing.

So, flist, what do you think of a Tseng/Rufus/Reno written along the lines of Franz's Do You Want To?

Well he's a friend and he's so proud of ya
He's a friend and I knew him before you, oh yeah
Well he's a friend and he's so proud of ya
Your famous friend, well - I blew him before you, oh yeah.

Oh well I woke up tonight and said I
I'm gonna make somebody love me
I'm gonna make somebody love me
And now I know, now I know, now I know
I know that it's you
You're lucky, lucky
You're so lucky!

Oh well do you, do you do you want to?
Oh well do you, do you do you want to, want to go
Where I've never let you before?


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