Jun. 19th, 2017 12:23 am
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I've missed my June checkin for getyourwordsout, I am so behind on any personal writing, and I've only a handful of prompts I'm seeing myself capable of doing for notprimetime treats. D: D: D: Need a day off from work that's not a weekend where I'm trying to take a day off from doing anything; god almighty.


Jan. 21st, 2016 09:58 pm
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So, in an attempt to not be totally a shambles for [community profile] getyourwordsout, I'm keeping track of how much I'm writing drabbles in my RP as well. Which is a strange thing to do, since a) I've written in this format and with Elemental for so long it... barely even counts? It's as second-nature as breathing to me most days now, and having that other person around to both cheerlead and read in a zero-stress, not-here-to-impress mode is like having nuclear energy in an otherwise steam-powered era. That metaphor got away from me. Also b) since it's almost 100% original characters or iterations at this point, there's no fret. There's no plot, even though there is a lot of accidental plot. It's mindless self indulgence and

I realise that's utterly the point of something like this challenge: to general enough critical mass that I find myself at a point where I can declare the garbage heap a mountain of potential instead /grumbles

Still, it's hard – I've written most of my best fics when I was alone. And now I've got about... 0 personal time? I wake up, I do 15 minutes of stretches, I write in longhand, get breakfast, then go code for 8 hours. I get home, make dinner, optionally go to the gym, eat dinner, then watch tv with Boy for a few hours, bang out some RP on the side, and then fall asleep in a haze. Weekdays barely exist for me. Weekends are better, but a lot of it is recovering from the weekday.

Blathering )

Hurrah! You've made it through an entirely rambling post about mental health diagnositics, way too much personal information, and Aristotle. /o\ To think that post was supposed to be "I want more personal time in the evenings" and nothing more...
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I have signed up for [community profile] getyourwordsout (75K/2016), that's what.

WHAT AM I DOING. I haven't written consistently since 2011! Or 2010! I don't even remember!

GetYourWordsOut: Year Eight!
Pledges & Requirements | GYWO.net

Sign-ups close tonight! Or they may already be closed! I'm on a strange timezone.

In any case, THIS IS GOING TO BE !!!! If I count how much I co-write my original boys, I'd hit 75K in less than two months. But I'm going to actually try to get some original and fanfic things done this year.

January is already looking dire ha ha ha ha... ha....
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It is merely very, very special. )

List of things I've already written is here!

My brain is perma-fried; I am K, and I fail at ever having a reading/friending-post, so you here have this a reading/friending-note. :D If you want to read/friend/subscribe/stalk/terminologise, go ahead - I like talking to people, so long as they don't come after me with small animals at night, or anything.

Legal thingy: I own nothing that isn't mine, and I earn nothing from more or less everything. D:
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Because [personal profile] ellnyx wrote about Tseng being a filer, and now I want to write huge amounts of Tseng looking dispassionately or not-so-dispassionately at his own files; UNIVERSE PLEASE INDULGE ME.
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Because mostly I am spending this week failing to do anything but getting up and going to work. 8D


RIP ME APART LIKE A BODICE, GO! It's on LJ, but there are anonymous commentseses, so you can go suck their server power if you'd so like! 8D

Must... catch... up... with... fandom... this... weekend...


May. 6th, 2009 01:34 am
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POLLTIME. Because if I code any more, I WILL EXPLODE. Plus I work tomorrow, and polls always make work better. SOMEHOW.

huge writing poll! )
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1. I spend more time writing [livejournal.com profile] nasdack than I spend on self-preservation. Coming soon, guys, and I mean really soon. Soon with bricks. And ACME dynamite.

2. No True Pair (go sign up, guys!), why am I so messed up for you?

1. FFVII - Reeve
2. FFVII - Tseng
3. The Left Hand of Darkness - Estraven
4. Highlander - Methos (AHAHAHAHAHHA I'm screwed)
5. FFXII - Jules (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm even more screwed!)
6. Leverage - Eliot Spencer
7. Batman - Dick Grayson
8. Discworld - Moist van Lipwig

3. Charity Ho: Batman is self-writing itself. It's just that my fingers are writing it very slowly. *strokes it* It will be beautiful, precioussssss.

4. Charity Ho: Left Hand of Darkness. I feel like a kid in a candy store. A really non-diabetic, excited-to-see-candy kind of kid. Estraven makes me caveat everything.

5. Only ACC would make me want to write Kadaj fic, but now I do. Now I do.

6. And Geostigma kink fic.

7. And fics about highways.
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I know I just did one for Bat!pauper fic, but I realise that there are, woah, a lot more people here (hi!!!!) than there were when I first did a call of being on a general beta-filter. I just posted some Final Fantasy VII stuff for the Restorations Arc under beta, so if you want on that list to read it, please do comment below! :D Please be not shy - it's not a beta filter where you actually have to say anything, it's just that I occasionally post something with questions like "SHOULD I BURN THIS OVER AN OPEN FIRE?" Lurkers are totally welcome. *waves*

The beta-filter gets stuff from more or less everything that I'm doing - unprocessed and unedited and generally MESSY LIKE A CAKE AT A 3 YEAR-OLD'S PARTY - but if you DARE GO FORTH... 8D

Similarly, if you want to be taken off the beta-filter, just tell me. No hard feelings! ♥

Pssst, as a pimpin' sidenote: I'm up for fic & graphics bidding at the Sweet Charity Auction! Just search for me under "karanguni"! Lots of other cool people are on auction as well: here I do pimp [livejournal.com profile] deejay's chai basket, [livejournal.com profile] lferion and [livejournal.com profile] scheherezhad's jewellery, [livejournal.com profile] everysecondtues's fic and [livejournal.com profile] attempt_unique's graphics. :D :D Have I missed anyone?
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Yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] liviapenn

Comment with a story I've written, and I will tell you one thing I knew, learned, or wondered about while writing the story that didn't make it onto the page.

[Alsowik: could anyone rec me some good Serenity fic? Simon-fic in particular? :D? :D?]
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From Chris Baty, but down the memesheep line of [livejournal.com profile] puella_nerdii, [livejournal.com profile] mithrigil and [livejournal.com profile] sister_coyote:

"Before you sit down to write a novel, you make a list of everything you love to see in novels. When you write your own novel, you should put the stuff from your list in there. Then you should make a second list of everything you hate to see in novels. When you write your own novel, you should make sure none of the stuff from that second list creeps in when you’re tired."

Things/tropes/stuff I love )

Things/tropes/stuff I dislike* )


And a couple of my own quirks, semi-explained! )
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To a kind of basic horror, this morning I woke up and realised that I haven't written for the Lead arc for almost a month. I mean. Holy shit where did October go? Major examinations and fic thousand writing obligations crashing at the same time. Mmm, K. You have no sense of timing, at all.


Quick question: anyone interested in shelling out a few bucks for Smallville DVD boxsets? I've got the first three seasons in Region 3 format; I love them well, but they're taking up space and really need to go. Willing to ship them away cheap if anyone's willing to house them!

Todo list for today:

(x) Coffee. Tea. God, just any kind of caffeine.
() Application
() Math I
() Finish up one of the notebooks
() Plot Lead
(x) Run
(x) Not die

Here, have a song so that this post is not totally useless: Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds - Stay or Leave. Not something you want to listen to if you've broken up recently, unless you've broken up recently and want to wallow.
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Considering that I will be shoving the remainder of my philosophy syllabus down my own throat tomorrow in addition to the, um, Ambitious Fic Plan.

So, the to-do list for the new morning:

- Lots of studying
- Triple Bill consisting of

a) writing three fics
b) posting three fics
c) straddling three fandoms.

Mmm, I love how ideas come at the worst of times, and during examination season, to boot.

Triple Bill #1: Batman

Will hopefully break the four thousand word barrier and not leave me dead; continuation of the current arc, with huge smack-in-face guest appearances and a lot of Terry being Terry being Terry.

Triple Bill #2: Final Fantasy VII

Because just when you think you can't write for it without inspiration, inspiration hits: more Tseng fic, this time with creepy scientists and a lot of Creepy Tseng. Kind of. Sort of.

Triple Bill #3: Baccano!

Sending myself right back to hell with this one; playing with Claire and... stuff.

Feel free to scream at me a lot tell me which one ought to come first; mostly I just want to do something during my break hours that don't involve plucking my eyeballs out and/or major depression.

I wish I were not a student; then I could write fic all day and also earn some income, if only to augment my stupid and petty desire to buy more icon space.

I am shallow, like a frozen-over Pacific Ocean.

[edit] And then, sneakily browsing the flist, I discover pointless feel-good memes, which are good for everyone who chooses to play! \o\ I'll do you if you do me mmm mindless punning at one in the morning.

Snaps Cup Meme
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Following in the footsteps of the very awesome [livejournal.com profile] sister_coyote, I've gone and signed myself up for a charity fandom-type auction thing called [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry. The comm is all about raising funds for equal marriage rights in California - and while I neither live there nor have spent any amount of time in either the United States in general or California in particular, this is one fight that I'll never be able to fight in my home constitution (oh, we tried; we got our asses handed to us, too) or even in my own family environment. I have no wish to spend the rest of my life silent about one of the matters closest to my heart and the hearts of the others around me who have even fewer avenues of expressing their desire to live in a equalised world.

So perhaps I'm extraneous in participating in something that exists so far outside my real world social circle - but the world is at once larger than the four walls I have in my home, and also smaller than I believe it was fourty, fifty years ago when my nation's constitution was being written. My efforts are just a drop in a large ocean on the wrong continent and in the wrong part of the world, but I intend to make a few small ripples before I keel over and give up.

That was my paragraph worth of crack-free statement for the week, by the way.

SO. I write this pimp post calling out to everyone here who gives a shit about having some of the most basic rights. I don't care if you don't care about gay marriage or where you are on the crazy sliding scale of orientation anyway: this is just one fight for equality. 8D I'm offering fic (FFVII, Baccano!, Lucifer, The Left Hand of Darkness, originals) and/or layouts and icons. So, if you have some cash handy, you can bid for my services (!!!!!!) here (fic) or here (layouts) starting from a low, low, low, low $2. I am a cheap little whore. I would have put $1, but then my self-esteem would have bottomed out and I'll creep into a corner and whimper if no one actually, y'know, ends up bidding. At least at $2 I can say that I'm too expensive. *BEAMS* If you're feeling really happy, you can buy me now at $80. (Yeah, right.) Bidding/buying starts 1 July (PST; why is everything on PST).

The bids work by you making a donation to any one of the equal-rights charities listed in [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry's profile. Simple stuff!

Alternatively, if you are - like me - dead broke and/or unable to use a credit card or other Instruments of Donation and/or saving up to do stuff and/or too lazy to bother with money, you can join the community as a seller and have a bit of fun. :D

/jedi mind trick

[edit] You know what, actually, let's up this bet. To anyone who will participate and/or bid, I will equal one of my offers above to you for free. :D

[edit again] Okay so I have no self-control: now offering photography with a higher minimum bid of $10. *shame*
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HI GUYS MAKE ME WRITE I AM SERIOUS MAKE ME WRITE. If I code and/or design and/or icon anymore I am going to lose the ability to type or something; I feel my brain melting; I haven't thought about writing for a week? More than a week? TOO LONG.



Also, Amatsuki. Who's watching it? And why is there no lj community for it? It's got pretty people! And Suwabe Junichi AND Okawa Toru in the same place! That's Tseng and Rufus! And hot boys!

[edit] There be fic in comments.

- Tseng and Zack and Aerith
- Tseng and Cissnei and Cloud with bad evil character death
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Just decided to take a break today on the writing front; I'm so braindead from coming home, doing an exam and then rushing three challenge fics that I blew off a Springkink deadline. I think I'll feel guilty about that, but not until tomorrow morning. 8D

Just a bit of meta-rambling about the last three months or so of fic )
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But I think that after last week I have absolutely no ability to rest for more than three hours without shooting awake and staring at my phone. I'm dead tired, my eyes are heavy, and I'm still typing.

So, flist, what do you think of a Tseng/Rufus/Reno written along the lines of Franz's Do You Want To?

Well he's a friend and he's so proud of ya
He's a friend and I knew him before you, oh yeah
Well he's a friend and he's so proud of ya
Your famous friend, well - I blew him before you, oh yeah.

Oh well I woke up tonight and said I
I'm gonna make somebody love me
I'm gonna make somebody love me
And now I know, now I know, now I know
I know that it's you
You're lucky, lucky
You're so lucky!

Oh well do you, do you do you want to?
Oh well do you, do you do you want to, want to go
Where I've never let you before?

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Filling the time in between filling in the huge fic:

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

You may also ask about stuff that happened while the story was going on, in the margins.

ps: go claim stuff in the post below!

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