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1. K has started work
2. Work is kicking K's ass
3. (Passive voice) K's ass is getting kicked by work.

In other words: in spite of my humongously huge writing to-do list of humungous, the fates have made it such that I am mostly too braindead by the end of the day to finish a fic in a single sitting, which is how most of the insanity is usually produced.

I do, however, want to get all that stuff done! And tasty ideas, they do exist! So I am writing them in piecemeal and in parts, and everything is getting put on the beta filter. If you don't mind watching fic come together in drabbly bits, or just want something to read more often than once in never once in while, COMMENT and I will add you!

Alsowik: if you can see the Trekfic post beneath this one, you're already on the filter.

'Course, if you want to be removed at any time, just let me know!

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Strange thought blurb expose times! :D In lieu of fic, because my brain works funny when adjusting to new schedules.

Just came back from work a few hours ago; days go by a lot faster when you've got sleep on your side. But then a thought floated by: why do days at work crawl so much more than days at school did for me?

Ergo the theory that there obviously needs to be things to be destroyed before anything is interesting )

Learning is huge. It's putting yourself up against the ruler of the brightest minds and seeing how you measure up. It scares the shit out of me: it makes me fight for every idea I don't understand, for every concept that could be more, for something that pushes through the huge bulk of an entire race's collective inquiry, the one thing that allows us the lives we lead. To learn that is to fight for your life, tearing screaming and yelling through the blackness of confusion and to come out the other side better equipped and glad to be alive.

Work isn't the same. Work isn't harder. Work's more tiring, because I don't love it at the moment; I know, in the way that I guess we all know at the bottom of our hearts, that this job isn't in the field that I'd be glad to fall in battle in, wielding Blackberries and a 12-hour day as armour. There's nothing to fight in a "job": nothing but boredom and the thought of the end of the day. No obstacle to tear down en route to something greater, no end goal to surge towards with the intensity of rightness that makes what the greatest and worst men and women of the real and fictional worlds what they were. Which is the stuff that inspires, at the end of the day. How did Schindler save those lives? How were orders given to drop the Plate on a seventh of the city of Midgar? Did Julius Caesar sleep well at night? Or did Marc Antony, before Shakespeare woke from his dream to write the one of the greatest rhetoric speeches in the English language? How many hours did Lucifer spend planning his fall? What went on in the heads of the men writing God? Would Bruce Wayne have had any sense of justice as a policeman?

So I'll always keep looking for the next human being, the next book, the next fic, the next game, the next line, the next song, that makes me feel truly stupid inside. Since -- To burn through and gouge out the logic of the past, or to rebuild and rip up the sky of the future. There's some worth in doing that while a human is alive.

(To this song! Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger

Work it harder make it better
do it faster makes us stronger
more than ever hour after
our work is never over

AND THAT IS ALL OF YOUR STRANGE AND THOUGHTFUL K FOR THE WEEK. Coming next post: fic once more! With hope. And some effort.


May. 6th, 2009 01:34 am
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POLLTIME. Because if I code any more, I WILL EXPLODE. Plus I work tomorrow, and polls always make work better. SOMEHOW.

huge writing poll! )
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Where I realise what a ridiculously lucky person I am to have the flisters that I do.

As I sat up yesterday in the ridiculous bowels of the night writing the next bit of [livejournal.com profile] nasdack, I read through what [livejournal.com profile] ellnyx had written before me and felt truly, truly overwhelmed because Nyx writes so damned good that all I want today is to try to be even half as impact-worthy in my parts. Or to be half as good a friend, especially when it's 1 am on a work night and K is a bad/sad invisible machine. ♥

And that's on top of the wonderful and amazing [livejournal.com profile] pere_chan, whom I spoke to over Skype for the first time yesterday. It's one of the best feelings in the world when you pick up the phone (uh, mic), call someone, and feel 0 awkwardness. And then proceed to spend 3 hours talking about either tentacles, race, and how to make Dick not look like a ho. ♥

If the universe had more space/time/spacetime, I'd zoom over and save [livejournal.com profile] dnatio_memoriae from drowning in schoolwork, because D, too, is full of :D and does not deserve to be going "AUGH!" Thank you, man, for commenting all the time and taking time out to ask if I'm okay even as the jaws of your proposal yawn wide to swallow you whole.

To [livejournal.com profile] shadowwaker, who has been the unfortunate victim of my brainless sickness + 2am brain, thank you for coming out and chatting with me! :D I am notoriously bad at being chatty, but you remind me how much fun it is to step outside of my Circle of Shy (TM). It blows my mind how many languages you speak and how cool it is to just giggle and fangirl over a German Rufus whospeaksreallyfastandamazingly. ♥ And fic! And squishy.

[livejournal.com profile] white_jenna talked to and with me way before so many people, and was one of the first to break me into the habit, for which I am eternally grateful. ♥ Hehe, also, you are the bestest person to linkspam squeeish things with, as you amazingly always manage to spread it out to everyone else! :D

[livejournal.com profile] regicidaldwarf, I DO LOVE OUR CHAT, and our mumbly ramblings about our daily lives and Who and university and just life. It's something that reminds me how ?!?! lucky I am to be able to flail around with someone so far away. \o ♥

[livejournal.com profile] charlie_d_blue, my pimp, my most lovely pimp: without you, I wouldn't have known the joys of flailing in an outright CAPSLOCK flail way. You are exactly my age and it is fucking fantastic because you are awesome, five times more mature than me, have the brains of a GENIUS, and make me want to smile and smile and smile and then write porn. Or watch Leverage. I OWE YOU A CARD.

[livejournal.com profile] two_if_by_sea - I know I never quite comment on your posts 0.00005 as much as I should, but let me say that your posts always make me grin and go oooooh over your photographs and the everyday things. :D Your comments and pimping are so \o \o \o that I don't even have words, I must make do with one-armed pictorial flailing. \o \o \o

[livejournal.com profile] evercourant, baby, you are so insane that I want to keep you on my shelf and hug you all the time and and and :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Your mad laughter through fic and my Psychotic Dream Sequences warms my cold, dream-wearied heart.

[livejournal.com profile] knightlineninja, I don't know if you're going to read this, BUT I LOVE THE KNIGHT, and hope that work has not swallowed you. TEA! It will be forthcoming!

[livejournal.com profile] scheherezhad, I still owe you. *g* You're amazingly generous, thank you so much for doing up the Jaynehat for me - I was just so flabbergasted when you offered, and it sits on my bed, guarding one of my bedposts from the glaring light of day at all times. ♥

[livejournal.com profile] aikonamika, seeing your comments always makes me smile. :D In spite of the fics I write sometimes having 0 overlap with the things you're interested in, you're still here, which brings a huge glow to my heart. :D

[livejournal.com profile] raikomotomiya, when you commented on Batfic I nearly DIED OF GLEE, and then you you you did fanart and and and it is amazing and I love seeing the snippets and you are SO :D INDUCING, YOU KNOW THAT? :D

[livejournal.com profile] deepad, reading your posts always makes me think and be a better person. You're so much more conscious and linked to the world around you than many others, and you're always eloquent in the ways you think and phrase the way you think. ♥ Sometimes it's intimidating, because I feel like I am a lowly brainless ant in comparison, but I still love reading your posts and comments, and learning by proxy how to be more aware, and be more cool about the way different people feel, think and operate. ♥

[livejournal.com profile] glass_icarus, YOU ARE SO FULL OF WIN. Thank you so much for guiding my eggchick brain around its flaily university thoughts - without you I'd be a million times as anxious. It is so unbelievably cool to think I'll be able to meet up with you soon, and I look forward to it WITH GREAT ANTICIPATION. Thank you for reading and for commenting on my things, and for articulating the way you did on my thinky-thoughts post in ways I couldn't have ever imagined articulating myself. ♥

[livejournal.com profile] guingel, your posts on Bible readings and on your huge amazing life? Always a win. Again, I am a horrible non-commenty-non-commenter, but it's still supremely awesome to go through the flist and see bits about cons and life. ♥ ♥ Plus, having discussions with you always makes me think, for which my rotting brain is ever grateful.

[livejournal.com profile] voksen. I JUST CAPSLOCK RIGHT AT YOU. For the commentspam, the BRAINSPAM, the SCHULDIG ICON OF DOOM, and all the back-and-forth and FOOD and mmmmm and here I'm going to just roll around in glee. :D

[livejournal.com profile] autumn_belias, dude, you care so much about when I stay up and are always telling me to look after myself - ♥, Sam, seriously. I'm glad that Yuletide stuck us together in the same chat, because elsewise I'd never have an awesome person to flop around with and destroy biology notes with. 8D

[livejournal.com profile] mjules, YOU REC THE MOST AMAZING THINGS. Heeee, and and and The Left Hand of Darkness, man. That's enough to make me weep with gratefulness at meeting you in the wide stream of the interwebs.

[livejournal.com profile] numinicuous, from the first moment on #yulechat, you have been :D :D :D and so damned smart and woah multitasking, and that has never changed, SO PLEASE NEVER CHANGE. Also, I frequently want to elope with your icons. 8D

[livejournal.com profile] sharaith, you come from such a different place and experience than me, and that humbles me so, so much. ♥ I love reading your posts, and am so :D that you find time out to comment on the things I post about. ♥!

*PANTS* Okay, I never quite intended to write such a long list, but NOW THAT I HAVE, I am deathly afraid that I have missed someone out - if I have, HIT ME, because my brain is still operating on a lot of ?????? and and and *flop* I have probably used the word "awesome" and "amazing" too many times today.

But in short - ♥ I look at the people I've met here on this LJ, how different and similar we all are, and it's a moment of gladness: I have lived to see this!
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[livejournal.com profile] ellnyx and I were talking [livejournal.com profile] nasdack, and in between lots of guilty feelings and a lot of random conversational tidbits, she provided this prompt: Balthier/Tseng/Rufus - inversion of roles/ceremony - love came in accordance with what he promised, and not only out of gratitude. And lo, I have written something:

~900 words. Tseng/Rufus/Balthier. Very soft R.

Tseng doesn't offer any explanation when Rufus looks at him in askance. 'I'm sorry we're late,' he says instead. )

THEN SOMEHOW, TENTACLES GOT MENTIONED. Mayhap it is because shoe-kink still is unfathomable to Nyx, she instead jumps forward towards tentacles:

(12:13:58 AM) nyx: b/t/r, TENTACLE SEX
(12:14:00 AM) K: OKAY
(12:14:02 AM) K: YOU ARE ON
(12:14:16 AM) nyx: NO NONO
(12:14:24 AM) K: YES YES YES?
(12:14:45 AM) nyx: YES
(12:14:52 AM) K: SUCKERS

Now that I have ascertained that this is NOT MY FAULT, I am here to enable. Here we go, tentacle porn. Or, uh, the closest I could get to it, anyway. NOT BRAIN SAFE. NOT HEAD SAFE. It's almost work safe. BUT IT HAS TENTACLES. FOR [livejournal.com profile] nasdack VERSE. If that doesn't warn you, NOTHING WILL! I blame the meds and 350am! CAVEAT LECTOR.

[edit] NOW KNOWN AS:


Warnings for squick! ~900 words. R. Tseng, Rufus, Balthier/DRUG PRODUCING TENTACLE MONSTER.

Crack, tentacles, and, uh, yeah. Crack and tentacles. )


I think it is fair warning to direct readers to the copy of this post on nasdack, where, in the comments, Nyx illustrates how she is 2000 times crazier than I am.
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Lots of things are churning in the ficbin, but nothing's ready to be shown to the big bad world yet. \o A couple of teasers/random thoughts:

Final Fantasy VII: Restorations III

Every time I embark upon a multiparter, my first thought is you are such a lazy bastard and then the next is oh my god what have you got yourself into now? It's kind of freaky that Restorations, in spite of being slow and short and snail-like, has evolved into a new category of STOP OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Next up: reverse-colonialisation, Reeve being a better politician than the whole world combined, Rufus getting his ass summarily handed to him by the irony gods, Tseng v. Past v. Present, and Wutai Existing For Us To Make Stuff Up About It.

Batfic: pauper!AU

  1. Dick and Bruce argue for great profit
  2. Why does this sound like every other Batfic in the universe?
  3. Oh, and Harvey Dent.

Gundam Wing

Zechs/Treize, because I NEED TO WRITE THIS SO BAD. I've this bad feeling that I'm going to need 8 hours in front of my episodes with a notepad and a few flowcharts before I get to writing it with any measure of confidence, though. But the nature of prediction! The ETERNITY OF FRIENDSHIP. Treize's blatant inability to keep his hands to himself! Zechs versus magnanimity versus monogamy! \o/!!

Antique Bakery

I am so stalled on this one, but Tachibana needs to go get (way)laid, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] voksen and the good nation of Korea.


This needs a pimp post all on its own. Suffice to say: vampires (in a good way), no clear seme/uke relationship, no clear BL, NANAO CHRONO, mindfuckery on a level that I only wish I could emulate, and lots and lots and lots and lots of fun.

Here, go read scans, or head to [livejournal.com profile] ivory_and_horn's IJ pimp post.

Series I've finished ploughing my way through sans mercy or humility watching:

x Peacemaker Kurogane (uh, what)
x Kuroshitsuji (I like Sebastian's clothes better than I like the plot)

Any recs, guys? :D? Anything? Good historical stuff would totally rock my boat.

Also, I am pimping out this course that [livejournal.com profile] shadowwaker is doing. Please do head to this post if you want to sign up! I'll leave the objectives under a cut, but there are loads more details on that post than there are here, so please do go check it out. ♥

Anyone up for Creative Writing-ness? )
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So, who's the crazy person who has decided to give as many people on the flist a present as she can? I AM! *BEAMS* In the spirit of the new year and attempting to kick my ass back into action. I've taken what prompts you guys have given me over the last however-many-times-I-decided-to-click-previous-entries, and have spun what I can. Happy new year! ♥ from this side of the universe.

[livejournal.com profile] dnatio_memoriae generously donated her art skillz for a couple of these, and may be contributing more in the morning! IS THE WORLD NOT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE. OH YES, IT IS. ♥

numinicious - Lucifer (Lucifer, postcard) )

dnatio_memoriae: Baccano! (Luck, Claire, writing on the wall) )

white_jenna: Final Fantasy VII (Tseng, cocktail napkin) )

muse_lightning: nasdack FFVII AU (Tseng, Elena, post-its) )

knightlineninja: Cowboy Bebop (Spike, short letter) )

voksen: Baccano! (Czes, longhand letter) )

logistika_nyx: nasdack AU (Elena/Tseng: he's full of wishful thinking) )

misura: nasdack AU (Dark Nation, Rufus) )

If you feel you have been deprived a present, feel free to dump a prompt of any sort on me! After all, Chinese New Year (ha! coming from me, least traditional of people!) lasts a good long while, technically! :D Right now I am going to lean back in my seat and let my eyes explode for a while. ♥
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Language altered to appear suitably Annoyed (R) and Irascible (TM); this post bears only minimal resemblance to members of the public that may or may not be either living and/or dead. I swear.

28/1: Enumerated List of Bureaucratic Stupidity

  1. To the American Banking system (and its slew of derivatives): I do not see the need or purpose in your sending my father and myself endless streams of correspondence. I do not need additional paperwork regarding anything to make me feel more self-important about the amount of money this family has deposited in your incredibly (pun fully intended, along with your 0.0000012% per month interest rate) and needlessly complex credit system, and my father is considerably jaded as-is and does not want to be informed, by means of (to date) 7 formal letters, 3 brochures and however many bits and pieces of paper marauding as check(que)books and/or advertisements, that you are Fully Aware of where his money is at any and all times. Rather, I'd be obliged if you left me with less drivel, and more information regarding parts of my account that I should've been informed of beforehand, id est: the drawing limit on my debit card, the fact that said debit card cannot be used for online transactions, and the fact that your company - against all standards of common sense and integrity and the ability to read in sequential lines - managed to not only misspell my name but also managed to rearrange my mailing address such that the second line became the first and the first line became invention. Thank god for postal codes.

  2. To the paper pushers with whom I am communicating in order to secure simple, no-frills interviews and tours of your facilities: I plead with you never to reply to emails with the phrase (verbatim:) "[i]n regards to the unformal meetings". I weep for you, your colleagues, and whoever it is that has to read your reports on a regular basis, Mms. "Manager of International Relations".

  3. To the makers of such movies as Troy: mother of Hades, what are you on, people? I could've forgiven Alexander its woes due to the fact that its casting was doomed to begin with, but Troy? Troy? Troy? One would think that Mssr. Pitt, having acted as a vampire and a gambler and a psychopath and a de-aging-re-aging man, would be able to brush his neatly evolved American accent to one corner and do better than scream (verbatim:) "IMMORTALITY!!!!!! TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", punctuation not exaggerated. Furthermore, Patroclus. If actual further elaboration is necessary: what of the ardent feminisation, and then the constant implications of "cousin", and then the fact that he - and Mssr. Bloom - served only to make Mssrs. Pitt, Bana and Bean seem muscular and manly in comparison? I decline to comment on the bad theatrical execution, the constant (and annoying) soundtrack, and the fact that the depicted Paris could be broken thus by kicking any particularly adorable puppy somewhere in his vicinity.

  4. To my love, gmail: I trust you. Please cease being slovenly; I have work to do.

*g* Okay, I have to stop, otherwise I think my brain will fall apart. But, yes, today has been an interesting day: for one, I've rediscovered the effects of a cup of coffee. Maybe it's just the fact that I'd spent around 9 years of my life getting only four or six hours of sleep per night and then slogging the rest of the day, but I'd never been affected by coffee until a few months ago. Tragedy! For then I could not drink it ere sleeping. I thought that I'd acquired some strange infection of the lymph. Truefact: after sleeping only 2 hours last night and then braving the roads (thankfully dead: I guess everyone's still hung over) on my bicycle, drinking a flat white did nothing more than restore me to humanity, as opposed to pushing me over the edge into Hyped Up Psycholand. Profit!

Additionally: if you live in the Australasian continent and are on my flist, there's a pretty high chance you're getting something in the mail sometime during the next 4-6 days. *BEAM*

Also: note to self, write creepy random boring piece about how the roads were empty. ish.

Thus is my boring life. *sets to writing Tsengfic at last*

[edit] Ended up updating the downingjones section of [livejournal.com profile] nasdack; essentially: hell.

[edit] I think I'm going to sit here and stare at AIM for a while, so if anyone wants to catch me in my in between-caffeine-dosage lull, go 'head.
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Yuletide 2008 came very close to not happening at all; I landed home three days before the reveal with nothing written for one main and a pinch hit, and mostly did the "despair!!!" thing. *g* Then I stuck my head into #yuletide, and everyone there was so enthusiastic, awesome and relentlessly evil encouraging that I ended up with 3 main stories, 5 treats and a hangover:

Other Kinds of Men (The Left Hand of Darkness), for mauvecloud.

2966 words, PG, Therem/Arek. Therem Harth rem ir Estraven must have tried, at some point, to seek another way.

Notes: I really, really wanted to write and received Left Hand of Darkness fic, but even then I was worried that the fandom would come up empty. *g* This fic holds prime position in my heart, and I was really happy to see a few people turn up and recognise the canon. \o/ Estraven!

Weight (Wild Adapter), for [livejournal.com profile] reddwarfer.

1658 words, R, Kubota/Tokito (or: Kubota/everyone he comes across). The act of feeling is a possessiveness blunted by logic and re-sharpened by the ability to move and do and act.

Notes: I flailed so hard for this one: I sped-read through the whole canon possibly eleven hours before the deadline, and I can only say thank god for 4chan because I'd never have got my hands on volume 6 otherwise.

All Across Manhattan (Baccano!), for cleflink.

2194 words, PG, Gandor family and adoptee. Claire comes home to things that have changed, and things that have stayed the same.

Notes: I actually quite liked this one, but reception was poor like a cellphone in a dungeon. *laughs* But, seriously, it was possibly the most fun and least stress free main story I had to write.

Shadows cast behind you (The Left Hand of Darkness), for melannen.

733 words, PG, Therem (with throwbacks to Ashe and Arek). In the kemmerhouse.

Notes: My personal favourite! :D With the helpful hands of [livejournal.com profile] mjules as my trusty beta, I beat the shit out of personal pronouns, and then uploaded the fic only to discover that I'd left ONE "him" in a recently appended paragraph. D'oh! But other than that - more Left Hand fic! Sometimes less words = more, especially with Estraven. Ajlfksjflksajfl.

Rest ye merrily (The Graveyard Book), for Femme

208 words, PG, Bod and Silas. If Silas were to take rest at Bod's house on some cold Yule.

Note: This is where my mind started to cave and everything became slightly Yule-tinted. *g*

youth: a heartbreakingly schmoopy work of staggering genius (Ocean's 11/12/13), for Nubi-chan

596 words, G, Danny, Rusty and Rueben. Danny and Rusty remember being young. Vaguely.

Note: I managed, very intelligently, to mess up the formatting on this, but not badly enough, it seems! :D I love me some thieves.

In places across the wide world (Lucifer), for Hyzenthlay.

506 words, G, Lucifer. Lucifer in all shades.

Note: Random Good Omens cameo! Random fairy tale cameo! This fic was meant to be 6000 words! Guess what I'll be writing as an NYR! 8D

Ho ho ho (Discworld), for Adaptation Decay.

193 words, G, Vetinari versus the Assassins. Sometimes, students from the Academy visit the Patrician.

Note: My beta, nextian/Emma, deserves all the credit for this: the bloody-mindedness line was hers, and without it none of this drabble would've held water.

\o/ I am five seconds from being very late [edit: Mine is the art of calling in sick], but if anyone wants a DVD commentary on any of these fics, I will be happy to come home and flail on my keyboard. ♥
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From Chris Baty, but down the memesheep line of [livejournal.com profile] puella_nerdii, [livejournal.com profile] mithrigil and [livejournal.com profile] sister_coyote:

"Before you sit down to write a novel, you make a list of everything you love to see in novels. When you write your own novel, you should put the stuff from your list in there. Then you should make a second list of everything you hate to see in novels. When you write your own novel, you should make sure none of the stuff from that second list creeps in when you’re tired."

Things/tropes/stuff I love )

Things/tropes/stuff I dislike* )


And a couple of my own quirks, semi-explained! )
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Finally took a day or so to do nothing but indulge myself - between coming fast and hard off the exams and straight into soul-eating fic, I decided not to write another few chapters and just to laze around and be human for a little while. Still feeling kind of twitchy; my body wants me to do stuff, even though my mind is telling me firmly to back off.

She has a life, does she? )

Here, have a few guilty pleasure listening songs:

Miley Cyrus - See You Again

This song is so hilariously teeny-bopper, but also hilariously catching, if you ignore Miley Cyrus' self-insert into the lyrics. It's my private Stephanie!song, for the Batfans on the flist. Somehow it sparks a little of young!AU!Elena, for the FFVII people. God, pop.

The last time I freaked out
I just kept looking down
St-st-st-stuttered when you asked me what I'm thinking 'bout

Smashing Pumpkins - The End is the Beginning is the End

For the Batfans: Yoinked right off the Batman and Robin soundtrack, this track makes me think of Jason Todd, Dick gone wrong and Timothy logically extended. It's a frightening Gotham. For the VII fans: dude, this is like. Midgar slums +++++ I write angry Tseng and think of this fondly.

Is it bright where you are?
Have the people changed?
Does it make you happy; you're so strange.

[edit] Bugger. Pornbattle on IJ just decided to buttonsmash me. Potentials:

Batman Beyond, Bruce/Terry, family
Batman Beyond, Bruce/Terry, time-travel

DC Comics, Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, ward
DC comics, Dick Grayson/Tim Drake, bonded

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You know, they say fandom is good for a lot of things. Like learning more about yourself by providing you a safe playground with friendly people who don't usually discriminate. Like bridging all the gaps of race and age and social status and sexuality.

Tonight, I will give you something more profound. I give you eye candy.

Doesn't matter if you don't read DC comics. Because, after you click this cut, you will read DC comics. Dick Grayson isn't just Robin/son of Batman/Batman's psychotically cheerful and brilliant ward, he's also

a) dressed way too tightly
b) capable and/or likely to have/had sleep/slept with any/all character(s) he encounters
c) probably canonically done b)
d) far more able to stand his own ground than you can imagine

The last pimp post had Dick being all wibbly. Bigger brother. Filial son. Cheerful impish boyfriend.

Today we present you with:

Angry resolute asskicker Dick!

p.s that's his other brother, all villain-like and evil and stuff.

Amongst other things! Cut is image heavy.

Hellllllo, Dick. )

More conventionally, I've packed together Gotham Knights #8 - #11 for anyone who wants a nice, clean introduction to Batman, Nightwing, Robin and Alfred. The Batfamily is beautiful. And brilliant and tasty.

[edit] Because you can never have enough brotherly love: )

Then there's Gotham Knights #14, which is nothing but Dick talking to Bruce. Believe me when I say that this is worth your time.

All .cbr/cbz files are really just nicely named .rar/zip files, made for easy reading using CDisplay. Go Google and download this very tiny, small and excellent image display programme - it makes reading comics very, very easy.

Otherwise, you can just rename anything with a funny ending to a .rar or .zip and it will extract just fine.
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HI FLIST. Because today is the day that I spam with everything but the [livejournal.com profile] springkink things that I'm supposed to be writing, I give you this post full of meta-Final Fantasy VII drivel! 8D 8D

First up is The Morning News' guide to men's fashion. I personally consider their articles on suits and dress shirts the bible verse on how a Turk would buy his clothes. In fact, in my mind, these articles were written by a very, very snide Turk with a very, very good idea on exactly how sharp he's meant look for the job. Read them. They're hilarious. They're informative, too. But mostly hilarious.

Next comes my attempt at writing porn. I fail at porn, but I fail worse at resisting the siren call of new challenge communities, so here, have a porn_battle Tseng/Rufus drabble.

Then [livejournal.com profile] logistika_nyx and I were discussing the process of plotting and outlining fic, because obviously that is what sane people do in their free time, and out of it came the idea to do a behind-the-scenes kinda thing. And so this run-through of Empery for the Extremely Bored was born. 8D

You can click the cut to read it, or (for greater fun and benefit) you could check it out at [livejournal.com profile] logistika_nyx's pimpin' new community, [livejournal.com profile] bunny_bit_me. You've got to be a member, but it's a wonderful concrit place where you can read the twisted inner workings meta of a handful of really good and cool authors.

Oh god, writing behind-the-scenes stuff is so pretentious and and and big headed and I apologise totally if it sounds presumptuous to you guys. D: D: D: I are a tiny, scared author in a big world filled with authors and readers who are better than me.

Empery: a director's commentary (or, this is how the rabid squirrel really swings!) )

Still workin' on those prompts, too. FORGIVE ME, FOR I WRITE SLOW LIKE A WOMBAT*.

* uh, even though I have no idea how fast wombats actually go
karanguni: (HUGHES junshou)
Just decided to take a break today on the writing front; I'm so braindead from coming home, doing an exam and then rushing three challenge fics that I blew off a Springkink deadline. I think I'll feel guilty about that, but not until tomorrow morning. 8D

Just a bit of meta-rambling about the last three months or so of fic )

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A universe of unmapped grief and love
And new master light is beyond
The pleiades and plow and southern stars.

O soaring
Icarus of outworld, burn bright
The traceries of known skymarks,
Slide the highway planets behind
Your clear waxed wings.

Go conquer the everywhere left
Beyond your sad confinement
In a predicted bonehouse,
Witch thrown riddle of flesh
And water.

O soar until nothing
remains but great glittering holes
In the black godspun shirt over your head.

- John Fairfax