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Happy (almost) new year, everyone on this side of the continent! :D

Have some celebratory Lucifer: #11-20.
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Finally took a day or so to do nothing but indulge myself - between coming fast and hard off the exams and straight into soul-eating fic, I decided not to write another few chapters and just to laze around and be human for a little while. Still feeling kind of twitchy; my body wants me to do stuff, even though my mind is telling me firmly to back off.

She has a life, does she? )

Here, have a few guilty pleasure listening songs:

Miley Cyrus - See You Again

This song is so hilariously teeny-bopper, but also hilariously catching, if you ignore Miley Cyrus' self-insert into the lyrics. It's my private Stephanie!song, for the Batfans on the flist. Somehow it sparks a little of young!AU!Elena, for the FFVII people. God, pop.

The last time I freaked out
I just kept looking down
St-st-st-stuttered when you asked me what I'm thinking 'bout

Smashing Pumpkins - The End is the Beginning is the End

For the Batfans: Yoinked right off the Batman and Robin soundtrack, this track makes me think of Jason Todd, Dick gone wrong and Timothy logically extended. It's a frightening Gotham. For the VII fans: dude, this is like. Midgar slums +++++ I write angry Tseng and think of this fondly.

Is it bright where you are?
Have the people changed?
Does it make you happy; you're so strange.

[edit] Bugger. Pornbattle on IJ just decided to buttonsmash me. Potentials:

Batman Beyond, Bruce/Terry, family
Batman Beyond, Bruce/Terry, time-travel

DC Comics, Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, ward
DC comics, Dick Grayson/Tim Drake, bonded

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You know, they say fandom is good for a lot of things. Like learning more about yourself by providing you a safe playground with friendly people who don't usually discriminate. Like bridging all the gaps of race and age and social status and sexuality.

Tonight, I will give you something more profound. I give you eye candy.

Doesn't matter if you don't read DC comics. Because, after you click this cut, you will read DC comics. Dick Grayson isn't just Robin/son of Batman/Batman's psychotically cheerful and brilliant ward, he's also

a) dressed way too tightly
b) capable and/or likely to have/had sleep/slept with any/all character(s) he encounters
c) probably canonically done b)
d) far more able to stand his own ground than you can imagine

The last pimp post had Dick being all wibbly. Bigger brother. Filial son. Cheerful impish boyfriend.

Today we present you with:

Angry resolute asskicker Dick!

p.s that's his other brother, all villain-like and evil and stuff.

Amongst other things! Cut is image heavy.

Hellllllo, Dick. )

More conventionally, I've packed together Gotham Knights #8 - #11 for anyone who wants a nice, clean introduction to Batman, Nightwing, Robin and Alfred. The Batfamily is beautiful. And brilliant and tasty.

[edit] Because you can never have enough brotherly love: )

Then there's Gotham Knights #14, which is nothing but Dick talking to Bruce. Believe me when I say that this is worth your time.

All .cbr/cbz files are really just nicely named .rar/zip files, made for easy reading using CDisplay. Go Google and download this very tiny, small and excellent image display programme - it makes reading comics very, very easy.

Otherwise, you can just rename anything with a funny ending to a .rar or .zip and it will extract just fine.
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Promised to upload this for [livejournal.com profile] logistika_nyx, but everyone else is free to have a swing at it too. Here are the first few bits of the Vertigo comic Lucifer, which is probably one of the most kickass graphic novels of all time. Srsly. Go read it. The writing is amazing.

Change xx --> tt.

Lucifer: The Morningstar Option (19mb prologue)
Lucifer 1 - 5 (33mb)
Lucifer 6 - 10 (30mb)


Nov. 24th, 2007 12:17 am
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A few more media links from when I uploaded a bunch of stuff with no rhyme nor reason. Change links from xx to tt!

Tokyo Juniors versus Kansai Juniors: Survivor

I might be a senpai whore any day, but my first loves were Takki and Tsubasa for a reason. Young Takkitsuba, Yamapi, an ultra!huge Jimmy and Toma play survivor against Subaru, Hina, (emb)Ryo and Yokoyama. Because this is JE, they dance for hours, run a small marathon and sit for half an hour in a sauna without drinking water. Oh, and then they get stuck in a onsen resort while being forced to stay awake to the sounds of math lectures and ocean music. ♥ Featuring sadist!Tsubasa, hopeless!Takki and tiny!Ryo.

ARASHI - Kisarazu Cat's Eye Nihon Series ED - A Day in our Life

Ending song to KCE Nihon Series movie. Oh, Sho, you try so hard to rap that I feel sorry for you.


Nov. 19th, 2007 09:48 am
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Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf's most excellent post on INSANE SENPAI BEHAVIOUR, I went forth to the Vox article and did some V6 reading.



Sakamoto Masayuki

-Constantly telling the other V6 members to either stop drinking or to not drink at all.
-When he starts drinking he speaks with a lot of puns. The staff sometimes do not catch them all therefore Sakamoto will give signs and say "laugh."
-V6 has a very specific way they sit when at kaishokus. It is always... Sakamoto, Innochi, Ken on one end and Okada, Go, Nagano on the other end. Always.


The rest of them are no less amazing )

Inohara Yoshihiko

-This person was born for kaishokus. His tension goes up to the point where people worry that the company may get phone calls. The more Johnny's present the higher his tension goes up.
-He begins to call all the Johnny's phone numbers he has. He will brag about being close with Nakai. Typically when Innochi calls they come out but there is someone that NEVER comes out and that is Koichi. In the end Innochi becomes like a butt hurt child.
-He'll start singing a song that isn't really a song, but in no time the staff is singing that same nonsense song. At times like this V6 medleys begin as well.


So, about that vacation thing. )

And since I'm already this far in, why not have a performance of the song GOOD DAY!!, where Ken is so nghghing cute in a pink shirt that you can't help but want to attack him whilst Sakamoto-papa dances around with a huge grin on his face in the background! Oh, and there's Okada! With a hat!

And the Kinki Kids: )

And to top it off, Nagase Tomoya on Domoto Kyoudai! Again! This time it's 2002, and he demonstrates his great English ability ("What do you call a baby cow in English?" "BEEF BABY.") and he and Tsuyoshi's impressive song improvisation skills ("Ngraaaaah, Koichi (KOICHI!), he loves strawberry milk! Ngraaaaaaah, Koichi (OH YEAH), he loves strawberry milk! I RAIKU SUTURABERRUI MIRUKU!").

hxxp://www.megaupload.com/?d=IHMI4LW4 - Domoto Kyoudai 2002.02.03

(all d/l links change from xx to tt!)
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I love the Kinki boys, I do; but usually their music just doesn't coincide with what I usually listen to. So I let Phi stew unlistened to a bit longer than I would've a Takkitsuba album - but I opened it up tonight.


The opening few tracks - lOve in the phi in particular - were very good. It's as though their composer finally stopped referencing Flaaaaaawaaaaaaaa and Grusaaaaasu no Shouuunen and updated their sound profile a bit. Lots of new hip hop and R&B sounding tracks, and with chillingly good vocals. Yeah, Kochan still sounds a bit like he's about to cry at some bits, but his coordination with Tsuyoshi and their harmony is *______________*; the EGDE of the WORD made me shiver all over.

BUT THEN I REACHED KOICHI'S SOLO SONG. I'm a Tsuyo-vocals fan but HOLY SHIT. Lose Control was not badly named at all. It's as though Kochan got put on some really happy drugs. And then made to watch porn for a few hours before being allowed into the recording studio. Seriously, it sounds like he's having phone sex with the mic. On first listen there were bits where I swore that he was just moaning a lot. Like, holy shit, Kochan manages to make audio sound fanservice-y. I've been LOOPING it for no good reason other than to sit and grin like an idiot.

Seriously. Seriously. Go, go, just go listen to it and nosebleed for yourself. And go buy Phi and push their sales, because this album needs to be fondled in physical glory. HMV, disappoint me not!

And here's some Nagase-baby on Domoto Kyoudai (2004) to help.

Change links from hxxp to http as usual!

This is a sexcellent an excellent way of recovering from sicknesseseses, yes it is precious.
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Being only human, I am afraid I cannot do justice to the millions of better group-specific pimp posts out there, but with some files in one hand and a few screenshots in the other, I FORGE ON BRAVELY NONETHELESS. Some videos and screencapseseseses below the cut.


There's Kinkiness and Takkitsubaness and TO-KI-OOOOOOOOO )
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Point the first: I think my brain exploded with love for TOKIO the moment I clicked on this post and, honest to god, everyone should click on that post because. Because. Because. Because. It's Joshima and Taichi and Tomoya-Baby and Yamaguchi and Mabo all in one beautiful package. It's not even Christmas yet. ♥

Point the second: Presently, before that, I was busy rewatching Ocean's 11, 12 and 13 for what must have been the 101th time since I acquired the DVDs. It's arguably the only bunch of boys who aren't Japanese that I will ever go onto my knees and roll around in glee for. Every single one of them, even Saul and Reuben and. And. Danny. Rusty. Danny and Rusty. And Linus and Basher and Turk and Virgil and Livingston and The Amazing Yen and Frank C. *__*

Point the third: There are so many things to write that I'm losing track of it all. Yuletide is humming along at a ridiculous 3000 or so words, and I haven't even hit the plot yet. JE Christmas fic needs some kicking-of-ass. There's Okada fic and Kinki Kids fic and V6 fic and the urge to write Kinki Kids fic and Ocean's fic and nghhh.

Point the fourth: Must save up money to buy paid account to fill up with thousands many icons in order to express glee in a way that doesn't require a size 20 heart sign.

Point the fifth: Also, it is about time I started giving back to the amazing and lovely communities and people who have fed me my crack over the last few months or so. TADAH:

Johnny's Countdown 2005-2006 (Chinese subbed


(change xx to tt!)

Featuring, amongst other things: Koichi tossing himself wholeheartedly flinging himself at/around/onto Nagase in a fit of cheating envy, Tsuyoshi in many flaming but beautiful costumes, Tsubasa in one of his Ridiculously Good Looking stages, Kokubun with sunglasses and a trillion other unmentionably small but beautiful things.

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