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Naturally the first thing out of my year-long fandom haitus is helplessly strange Dick and Bruce. *DESPAIR AND FOND AFFECTION*

Written for [community profile] au_bingo prompt Others: Mutants

Said the Spider to the Fly

Fandom: Batman (comics)
Rating: PG
Characters: Dick, Bruce, cameo by Alfred
Summary: Being able to walk through walls could change everything for Dick, or nothing.

2135 words with many apologies to Mssr. Caroll and Mms. Howitt!

But let it be anything, he thinks. I'll wake up anything; just don't let me wake up a mutant in Bruce's house. )
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Pauper-AU strikes back, for charity! Written for [livejournal.com profile] scheherezhad as her tart for [livejournal.com profile] sweetcharityvox. \o\ It's almost like cheating!

Runs In The Family

Fandom: Batman (Pauper!AU)
Characters: Bruce, Dick, Jason
Rating: PG13
Summary: Life, if Bruce had not been rich, goes like this for Dick: a small apartment, joy, dreams, and friends sharing spring breaks.

Notes: Standalone sequel to the earlier part of the AU

4907 words and a lot of Bats Trying To Be Normal (TM).

'Now or next year, Grayson?' Jason shouts from downstairs. )
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I solemnly swear to be up to no good to post fic with each update. 8D

Probably the first Batfic I've written that I really like: give it a chance? :D?

This insubstantial pageant faded

Fandom: Batman
Characters: Dick, Bruce (gen)
Rating: PG
Summary: Life, if Bruce had not been rich, goes like this for Dick: a small apartment, joy, dreams.
Warnings: Bruce-is-a-pauper-AU-that-isn't, mix-and-match canon, Stealing Titles From Shakespeare (TM) and other shenanigans.

4447 words and Dick proving (once more) that to love Bruce in any capacity is to love the sound of your own suffering.

Dick discovers that Bruce works for some engineering company – he's a whizz with numbers, does things like the grocery bill up mentally and without even using his fingers. )
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Been busy coding, running, sleeping and then coming alive with the realisation that I have an informal philosophy essay due in tomorrow (insert arurughghg here). Wanted to write more Lead, but I think every time my FFVII genes switch on, my Batman alleles turn off. Ergo, drabbleface.

One Time That Dick Grayson Was Not A Good Man

Batman. Dick/Kory, Dick/Babs, Dick/Bruce.

469 words and Dick being, well. A bit of a dick.

I don't know, Dick Grayson confessed to himself that day, what the hell I want from anybody. )
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Third in the Better Dead Than Lead arc.

So leave me where the kids are all right

Fandom: Batman/Batman Beyond
Characters: Bruce, Dick, Terry
Rating: PG
Warning: Hints of slash. Hints of problematic family relations. Lots of hints, too.
Summary: Dick, boy wonders, and also Batmen.

(Follows on the heels of a 50 year displacement into the world of Terry McGinnis.)

5104 words and more inter-Batclan relationship tsunamis. \o/

You're using your command voice, Dick wants to tell Bruce. Do you realise that? )

[edit:] Ow, do my hands hurt from this "drabble arc". Right, K, whatever floats your boat...
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I'm not sure if I'm allowed to call this a "drabble" arc anymore...

And lead is light as a feather

Fandom: Batman/Batman Beyond
Rating: PG
Characters: Bruce, Dick, Terry
Warnings: Assumes RotJ has happened. Assumes comics!history. Bruce, because this man deserves a warning all on his own. Typical Batman Relationships (TM).
Summary: Following his 50 year displacement, Dick learns about all the things that have - and have not - changed in the era of Terry McGinnis.

Second in the Better Dead than Lead arc.

4746 words and I'm not even halfway through the list of tiny things I'm supposed to write and oh god, Bruce, why do you have mental sex with everyone?

It's automatic for Dick to say, 'It wasn't your fault.' )
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This is me, biting off more than I can chew again! 8D 8D Recommended listening for this fic: Underworld - Moaner, from the Batman and Robin soundtrack. Around about 2:32 is where I imagine Dick starting to run really fast and ajlsfkjaslkfj okay stopping here.

Companion drabble-arc other-side-of-the-AU thing to the Counting Down The Hours drabble-arc-thing. Titles stolen from Ted Leo once more, for even greater justice!

Gold is just a trick of the light

Fandom: Batman/Batman Beyond
Characters: Dick, Terry
Rating: PG
Warnings: Assumes comics!canon for Beyond!canon. Post-RotJ, in some fluffy canonspace.
Summary: You're not - allowed - to be a junkie when you - belong - to this - family, but -

1213 words and I have no idea where I am going with this except that there will be grief and a lot of terror and oh god, I am so sorry, DC.

'Is this your idea of a sick joke?' He looks down at the blue stripe across Dick's chest like it's an ugly scar. )
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Have a day off from the psychosis of school; fought to get this drabble-fic thing done. 8D It comes with a free dosage of the poem that inspired the title (read: that the title was stolen from) at the end - maybe it'll become a habit. Thing. Then fic will truly be educational. *BEAMS*

*weeps* When will I have sufficient time to write brain-heavy FFVII again?

I trust the sanity of my vessel

Fandom: Batman
Rating: PG
Characters: Dick, Bruce, Tim
Summary: Dick looks back, but mostly what he does is leap forwards.

1330 words, slash if you squint and sponsored by Frank O'Hara.

Bruce lives in Gotham. )
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This is your random fluff-induc(ed/ing) DC fic for the day. Watch me crash timelines like a bulldozer! \o\

For [livejournal.com profile] guingel, for winning at guessing ages. 8D I kind of failed at getting a lot of Roy and Tim into this, BUT I TRIED HARD TO LIVE IT THROUGH DICK? 8D


Roy/Tim, with cameos by Dick and Bruce (and Lian!)
PG-13 and full of random fluff.

1434 words.

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Sometimes I feel, in the middle of an urban city of concrete, like the most beautiful thing in the world that could be done would be to stand above a city of lights and jump, and not be afraid of falling: I can't do that, but music and writing sometimes can, by proxy. /random emoface

Something about Dick Grayson means that one day, very soon, I'm going to have to write meta on him, the same way I want to write meta about anything that changes my world in the smallest, most deliberate ways.

P.S: Soren Kirkegaard, I'm sorry. Almost.

So here:

#1: Download this song. (65daysofstatic - The Major Cities of The World Are Being Destroyed One By One By The Monsters) (Instrumental, and beautiful.)

#2: Close your eyes, stop for a moment, breathe in, and then out.

#3: Play the song.

#4: Loop it.

#5: Read the fic.

#6: Milk and sugar optional.


Fandom: Batman (comics)
Characters: Bruce, on Dick
Rating: G
Summary: His is physical, not cognitive.

468 words, and grace.

The leap is, by virtue of its temporality, its blindness and its trust, alone in the way we greet it with universal admiration.  )
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Normal FFVII fic will return when I have more time to think - all the stuff I'm putting out in this time period is like, I don't know, stress relief or something. I sit down, my fingers move, I wake up, and the fic's gone and written itself. 8D

I went looking for some writing

Fandom: Batman Beyond
Rating: PG
Characters: Bruce, Terry, mentions of Dick
Warnings: Universe smashing - replacing toon!Tim with comics!Tim backstory, because, um, comics!Tim is more adorable. Assumes that Return of the Joker has already happened.Ripping off some words from Gotham Knights #10-14.
Summary: Day one was warm-ups and history lessons; day two is about genealogy, and maybe just a little bit about how the entire damn family must have once needed psychiatrists.
Arc: Counting down the hours

1440 words and a lot of Terry wondering just how sane he's going to turn out at the end of all of this. Oh, and a guided tour of, you know. The Ones Who Were.

I went looking for some writing )

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