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So, after a decently long hiatus, I'm back?

Wrote a decent amount, so they're all getting grouped together here and linked to AO3. A big hello to anyone from the community, too!

'Tis Impossible To Be Sure Of Any Thing (6637 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Discworld - Terry Pratchett
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Death (Discworld), Havelock Vetinari, Moist von Lipwig, Rufus Drumknott, Lu Tze
Additional Tags: beware small bald men


Time For Small Business (5989 words) by karanguni
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Baldur's Gate
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Minsc, Jaheira, Edwin Odesseiron, Charname

Charname sneaked a peek up at the shop front. THE HAMSTER OF JUSTICE, read the signage in suspiciously good spelling. A smaller heading underneath it read YOU PAY, I PROVIDE.

Anything You Can Do (1552 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Breakfast with Scot (2007)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Eric McNally, Sam Miller, Scot Latour
Additional Tags: Family Feels

Scot going back to figure skating triggers an ridiculous escalation of egos in the household.

Learning (1802 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula K. Le Guin, Hainish Cycle - Ursula K. Le Guin
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Sorve Harth rem ir Estraven, Genly Ai

When the Envoy finally came to Estre, Sorve was waiting. Stammering, he asked Genly about the other worlds, the other stars, the other kinds of men. Sorve meant it.

Of the drabbles, I am most excited for The Culture. Which I now intend to somehow write for. /collapses

Meat And Bones (845 words) by karanguni
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Culture - Iain M. Banks
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: GCU Grey Area, GOU Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints

"Has the Meatfucker ever even met the FONMC? Because, wow. Whoo-ee. Yowzers."

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Out of nowhere, Saific! My fingers also now hurt, and I can barely close my eyes for caffeination.

Doing It ANBU

Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG
Characters: Sai, Kakashi; Yamato, Sasuke, cast
Warning: AU futurefic.
Summary: Rehabilitating Sasuke was supposed to be easier than fighting a war.

7974 words and, mm, but canon is delicious for breakfast.

Three months, sixteen missions, and an uncountable number of attempts on his sanity after taking on ANBU captaincy, Sai was beginning to understand where Yamato-taicho's creepy eyes originated from: let Kakashi-senpai take you at unawares too often and, eventually, your face began to stick that way. )
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Part 2/?

Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Kakashi; Minato and cast.
Warnings: Set during the Third Shinobi World War.
Summary: This is about how Kakashi handles.

1768 words of genny-gen-gen.

Part 1

Kakashi could pinpoint the day the war ended, because that day he remembered how to be hungry. )
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I'm not a 100% about posting this as an on-going WIP, but letting it sit and gather words is like watching cotton-candy grow out of proportion. Better to release it into the DW wild before pruning it down for AO3? 8D?

Also, my titling skills do not, it seems, get better with age...


Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Kakashi; Minato and cast.
Warnings: Set during the Third Shinobi World War.
Summary: This is about how Kakashi handles.

1964 words and, mmm, gen!

Hatake Kakashi, jounin, reported to the Hokage the loss of one of his team-members; other than that, the enemy had been prevented from taking a critical position, and the mission at Kannabi could be called a success.  )
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This fic took my soul, beat it up, and when I wasn't looking, took it and beat it up some more, and then kicked it in the face. I am happy to let it out into the wilds; I want to set it free so that it will let go of my heart and the claws it has sank into it. I thank [profile] charlie_d_blue for hearing my confessions. Without you, Ambiguous Backstory Is Nothing.

So yeah, my GQMF. This is Inception/Ocean's 11, Slash If You Squint, Image-Heavy, Over 4000, OMFG, BBQ. ABCD. E. F. Maybe even a G. MY HANDS. WILL THEY EVER STOP SHAKING.

There are many things I will apologise for in the morning when I have my brains, including but not limited to: managling US phone numbers, mangling Chinese, mangling Photoshop, mangling architecture, mangling Japanese, mangling your eyesight. 以上です。

I Don't Think You Think I Think About Probability

Fandom: Inception, Ocean's 11
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Every effing one. Eames, Ariadne, Saito, Cobb, Arthur, Cast. Danny, Rusty, Cast.
Warnings: Slash if you squint. In all directions.
Summary: Saito, on a vacation with thieves and thieves.

4822 words and more everything than I can ever enumerate, ever.

'Rusty Ryan,' Eames pronounced, rolling the Rs. 'And the little bastard's stolen my food.' )

[edit] Because [personal profile] charlieblue is actually a magical unicorn of awesome, Without You, Ambiguous Backstory Is Nothing actually exists and if you don't go and read it immediately there is something terribly wrong with you.
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So, in some alternate universe when K writes Batman Beyond she is actually able to stop. Clearly that is not this universe, because when K writes Batman Beyond in this universe she loses her fingers. One day I will write for active fandoms. It shall be a happy day, full of me never being able to write Inception. One day.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] au_bingo prompt Other: Mundane. Or, the Fic In Which Terry Does Not Actually Stumble Upon The Cave. Also the Fic In Which Terry Thinks Weird Thoughts About Women, Men, Workplace Attire and Everything.


Fandom: Batman Beyond
Rating: PG
Characters: Terry, Bruce, hand-wavey Powers
Summary: There are, theoretically, other ways to fight crime than in cape and cowl.

4078 words (COUNT THEM!!) and too much Terry-brain-splody for one night.

'Don't walk,' Bruce says to Terry's back, watching him wade out amongst the sharks. 'Strut.' )
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The Jardine Matheson Corporation - to summarise: Hong Kong, the early-to-mid 1800s. Shipping company! Smuggling opium into China for Great Profit! Being otherwise a very legitimate shipping company that seeks Independence and Liberty from the East India Company's monopoly over trade in the region! Politics! Letters sent over the course of the Opium War! It's exciting and I promise I'll make it even more unbelievably insane, even though it's hard to compete with a reality that involves Captains of ships almost starting international accidents, Owners of Companies who have glibber tongues and stunning eloquence and skulls that CAN WITHSTAND BEING BELTED IN BY CLUBS, late British colonialism that is oddly both reluctant and ridiculously effective at the same time, and two good friends who come from completely separate backgrounds taking over a new economic world. HAVE I PIMPED HARD ENOUGH? And in between there is everything about Hong Kong that I have ever wanted to research and spend time appreciating and combing through that I now will! /o/ \o\

J & M

Fandom: Historical fiction: 1800s Hong Kong, Jardine-Matheson &c.
Rating: PG
Characters: Jardine, Matheson, cameos by a bunch of other historical figures

Correspondence between the Estimable Mssrs. James Matheson and William Jardine, now and later of the Jardine Matheson Corporation in Hong Kong, detailing in personal colours the trials and tribulations that accompany the establishment of such a Shipping Company in such a time when Her Majesty's interests are both Colonial and Economic and Diplomatic.

Mssr. Matheson, having been blessed with good birthing and more than respectable living circumstances, must be excused for his eloquence. Mssr. Jardine, having been blessed by hard living and leanness, but be excused for his frightening ability.

1066 words and a lot of banter!

Dear James, am in England, please do not do anything too rash that may make us too rich in the next few months -- )
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Back to Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core! It's like I never left. 8D This one - and the ones that'll hopefully come after it - is meant to be part of some lazy set of lighter-hearted drabbles about Shinra. 8D WE'LL SEE HOW IT WORKS OUT. This one floats alone in the old sea of the odd Zack and Tseng drabble-era.

Prompts are perfectly welcome in the comments. The more hilarious the better!

A July Day (Some People Know Too Much)

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (Crisis Core timeline)
Characters: Zack, Tseng; random guest appearance by Kunsel
Rating: PG
Warnings: Gen, and humour, alas!
Summary: Zack whiles away a July day, and figures that some people just know too much.

2185 words and an inability to keep things short!

Zack whistled under his breath. 'This is one crazy city.' )
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The great and wonderful [profile] charlie_d_blue is responsible for all the awesome in this fic, and that is true.

Mind Bullets

Fandom: Star Trek XI
Rating: PG
Characters: Kirk, Bones, Pike
Warnings: Set directly before the Romulan attack, in the glory days of peace.
Summary: Kirk versus a machine versus his mind:

'One more,' Bones growls. 'One more, Jim, and then you stop doing this to yourself because it's ridiculous and it's out of hand and you can't win this, this isn't a game.'

'I don't believe,' Jim says sweetly, 'in no-win situations.'

6017 words and Kirk's turn at introspection! In a manner of speaking!

One day, Bones brings a dongly machine thing into Jim's room and sets it up on Jim's table and then looks Jim in the eye and says, 'Jim, quid pro quo.' )
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I never thought I'd put the words "Spock" and "internal monologue" together in the same phrase, but HERE WE GO ANYWAY. 8D

New, And Stumbling Forward

Fandom: Star Trek XI
Rating: PG
Characters: Spock; Pike, Scotty, Chekov, Uhura, Kirk
Summary: After Vulcan, Spock recovers his footing. Genfic.

2508 words and lots of Spock?

It is a portrait of the galaxy reacting, the children of his home planet's system flung free. )
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♥ to [livejournal.com profile] voksen for being my enabler and beta! First Gundam Wing fic! I'm only, y'know, about a decade late to this fandom, that's all! :D :D :D Second in the Honourable Men triple bill.

The Old Lie

Fandom: Gundam Wing
Characters: Treize, Zechs (13, 6)
Rating: PG
Summary: All men graduate from one history to another.

1984 (ha!) words and past-fic everywhere!

'And to your unreasonable expectations, Lord Khushrenada,' Zechs replies with a private smile, as they drink to oxymorons great and small. )
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Fandom check: Final Fantasy XII?! Yeah, I don't know either. \o\ Apparently screaming at your laptop for 30 hours makes you go a bit funny in the head.

First in the second triple bill: and they are all, all honourable men.

Make as much of me as gentry

Fandom: Final Fantasy XII (OGC)
Characters: Ffamran, Dr. Cid
Rating: PG
Warnings: Backstory here we come, Ffamran-who?
Summary: The good doctor once spoke to his good son.

1013 words and lots of Cid posturing! \o

'You know, when your mother died, I had a thought,' said the good Doctor. )
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I solemnly swear to be up to no good to post fic with each update. 8D

Probably the first Batfic I've written that I really like: give it a chance? :D?

This insubstantial pageant faded

Fandom: Batman
Characters: Dick, Bruce (gen)
Rating: PG
Summary: Life, if Bruce had not been rich, goes like this for Dick: a small apartment, joy, dreams.
Warnings: Bruce-is-a-pauper-AU-that-isn't, mix-and-match canon, Stealing Titles From Shakespeare (TM) and other shenanigans.

4447 words and Dick proving (once more) that to love Bruce in any capacity is to love the sound of your own suffering.

Dick discovers that Bruce works for some engineering company – he's a whizz with numbers, does things like the grocery bill up mentally and without even using his fingers. )
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Title: Awhile Together
Rating: PG
Fandom: Discworld
Characters: Death, Vetinari, Leonard cameo
Warnings Written for [livejournal.com profile] springkink: Death/Vetinari: caught doing something he shouldn't have been doing - I think I could walk with you / Through the shadows of your nights.
Summary: They're oddly similar, Death and Vetinari, and it's not a comparison made for humour's sake alone.

686 words. I have been terribly, terribly behind on SK. I apologise, and really, um, not too many excuses here. More gen-like than anything, really!

He comes, and comes quietly, almost unheard. )


A universe of unmapped grief and love
And new master light is beyond
The pleiades and plow and southern stars.

O soaring
Icarus of outworld, burn bright
The traceries of known skymarks,
Slide the highway planets behind
Your clear waxed wings.

Go conquer the everywhere left
Beyond your sad confinement
In a predicted bonehouse,
Witch thrown riddle of flesh
And water.

O soar until nothing
remains but great glittering holes
In the black godspun shirt over your head.

- John Fairfax