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Yeah, so when I give up on writing fic I make icons to make it all better. 8D Which reveals to me that I really love Saitou more than I consciously knew! That, and/or Watanabe Ken is just more badass than everyone else! BOTH! It helps that I spent a day at work intensely watching a movie in which he was a truck driver listening to a radio drama show and howling at every interval. I love me my Watanabe Ken.


So, money and the power, power and the money? )

Also did some tweaking to the DW journal; this thing is whitespacicus maximus! There are days I don't know whether I dislike my LJ for being too crowded or my DW for being to broad. They're both enjoyable to write into, though; I like that I haven't felt the need to rehaul the design this year. \o/
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I have been fangirling the ridiculous hotness of these two men:

Icons over here!
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I am rabid. Apparently my brain doesn't want to concentrate on necessary things, like finishing school, or research papers, or even finishing fic. MULTITASKING FOR THE NEW MILLENIUM. *abuses Photoshop*

( More here! )

The sad part is when you finish them icons, and realise you have to delete some of your existing icons because you're out of space. D: *WEEPS*


Jun. 23rd, 2008 08:42 pm
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So, I'm doing everything but what I should be doing (studying, or writing). 8D A small, tiny icon batch, fuelled by my intense frustration at never having Tseng icons on hand. \o/


More here at [livejournal.com profile] shifgrethor!

Also: [livejournal.com profile] logistika_nyx is awesome. Awesome beyond awesome beyond awesome. Awesome like burning.
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Because it's eaten my life. Though I'm not quite able to capture the sheer kickassery of his snarky fallen-ness.

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HI. LET ME MAKE YOUR WEEKEND MORE ENJOYABLE. Welcome to the world of Baccano!, and because you're going to end up reading this post whether you like it or not, might as well sit tight and prep up for the ride. ♥ Your flight attendant for the night is Koyasu Takehito (Zechs, Gundam Wing; Ran, Weiss Kruez), and your co-pilots include (but are not limited to) Fujiwara Keiji (Reno, Final Fantasy VII; Maes Hughes, Fullmetal Alchemist), Yoshino Hiroyuki (Allelujah, Gundam 00) and Onosaka Masaya (Momoshiro, Prince of Tennis; Vash, Trigun).

Baccano! deals with slick, smooth New York mafia families from the 1930s Prohibition era, and packs into 13 episodes a hell of a lot of punch. The supporting cast is huge, surprisingly memorable and entirely lustable lovable. Throw in a few issues regarding immortality, family grudges, turf wars, kickass friendships, an upbeat jazz intro and you've got one of the best releases of 2007.

The beautiful subbers at Ayu have recently started re-releasing DVD versions with hugely better animation at their site. The older version is also up there! I've upped episode one onto MU. (xx to tt!)

Today's 2 characters are Luck Gandor and Firo Prochainezo.


Third son of the Gandor Mafia family, Luck smiles a lot, plans a lot, and screws people up real good. Words alone cannot quite convey how awesome he is, so have some pictures to illustrate:


Firo was next-door neighbour to the Gandors during their childhood, but he's grown up pretty well on his own. Now the youngest executive of the Martillo family, Firo goes around looking adorable and kicking people's teeth in. ♥ With his hat usually still on.

Have a few icons to go:

Baccano! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Title: Merely A Sweeper
Fandom: Terry Pratchett's Discworld (post-Thief of Time)
Rating: G
Summary: There's always someone better than you. Except where there isn't. Lu Tze, and the fact that this time, the apprentice really has outdone the master.
Characters: Lu Tze and the Underaged Abbot

Roughly 1300 words.

There's always someone better than you. Except where there isn't. )


Oh, hey, and to cut down on spam, the latest icon batch from the communites as well:

3x Final Fantasy XII (Balthier)
4x Final Fantasy VII (3 Rufus, 1 Reno)

\o/ for productivity! )
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It's amazing how much fresher you can feel after you've got new tables and chairs. Everything feels a bit shinier and a bit easier to work at. \o/ Now that I have beaten my Ikea furniture into submission (a little bit more literally than I'd like, but hey, learning experience!) I am set to do More Things. Like write fic and icon and... stuff. Speaking of which, more icons!

7x Final Fantasy XII (1 Balthier, 3 Fran, 1 Larsa, 2 Judges)
1x Cowboy Bebop (Jet)
2x Ocean's Eleven (Danny)

Preview: |

Whee! )
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I had to justify buying domain space somehow! A batch of icons, to prove to myself I'm not entirely a freeloader only a freeloader 99.9% of the time. 8D

2 Cowboy Bebop
2 Final Fantasy XII (Larsa, Balthier)
4 Final Fantasy VII (Reno, Rufus |2|, Yuffie)


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